Sunday, May 31, 2009

The 1/2 Size Garden

We got back from our Redneck Vacay around 2pm today, in time to do some things around the house that needed to be done before the work-week began. The biggest task: the garden.
First I attempted to "weed" the garden. Since I'm a "wanna-be" farmer, I just don't get how the actual farmers really keep up with their produce. I mean, last year, the grass grew higher than my produce plants! This year I am determined to make it work! So I simply re-plowed in between the rows of plants and hand-troweled some of the weeds in between the plants. I'm not sure if this is how they do it, but hopefully it will work better than last year's method (which was do nothing!)

I tilled up the ground in a short amount of time and then decided to check on the garlic. I planted it last fall and I'm anxious to see it come up. I dug up a few bulbs and saw that some were a good size, and others were not. I washed the mud off of the bigger ones and brought them onto the porch. Again, since I'm a "wanna-be," I don't really know what I'm doing! So I ran inside to check out some information on harvesting garlic on the internet. One of the first things I read is "do not wash off the mud!" Great. So I've probably ruined about 1/2 of my garlic harvest. Oh well. I've tied them up and they're hanging in the garage. We'll see what happens to them!

Then I moved over to the blueberry bushes to examine them and see what growth might have occurred over the past 3 days while we were gone. I found a hidden gem under one of the leaves- a ripened, blue, blue berry! I ran to show RNH and I split the berry in 1/2 with my teeth and gave the other part to him. It was delicious! We weren't expecting to get any fruit off the bushes this year but now I'm hopeful!!!

I also checked out the pear tree. Nothing. No fruit. Then went next door to check out the neighbor's tree. Tons. Yup, looks like I'll be "stealing" from my neighbor again this year. Let me explain: my "neighbor" to the left is actually an abandoned house where the front door looks like its caving in, and there is a car where the weeds have over-taken it. Yeah. A site for sore eyes. Oh well, they've got good pears over there, no one is using them, so I am! I'm SO anxious to try my hand at making pear jam. I can't wait!
On a non-garden note, RNH caught a 2lb sunfish and 2lb brim. We've noticed that there are a MILLION fish in the pond, but they are all small. We're hoping to introduce a bass fish from the river as a predator to the pond and keep the other species in check. We tried this last year but attempted it too late in the season. We think the 3 bass we put in there didn't make it through the winter.
I'm hoping to get RNH to help me bring his grandpa's boat back up from the swamp (we used it a lot down there during the fall to go duck hunting), and bring it back up to the pond so we can fish in the middle of it. I'm thinking thats where the big boys are! It will also make the perfect place to lay out and get a sun tan! I'm hoping to get my sister and her young girls up to the house to feed the fish in the pond, hang out in the woods and go berry picking at the local farm, unless we've got some stuff to pick too! That would be even better! We'll see!

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