Monday, May 25, 2009

Cowboy Boots

So, I'm obsessed with them. I wear them all the time- especially in the winter when they can dress up an outfit without having to wear something uncomfortable that squishes my toes together like high-heels do. Yes, I am guilty of wearing them with skirts. Just because I like it, and I can show my boots off better! I'm kinda tall, and RNH is exactly my height. I have a phobia of being taller than my man, so wearing boots kinda lets me have a little fun without being taller than him! Plus, if I need to run during an emergency, I know I can in boots. I cannot run in high heels. Now you're probably wondering what kind of emergency I'd need to run for- but just think about it. And next time you have an emergency, and you're wearing high heels- you'll get it.
Fun at social gatherings, such as Bachelorette Parties. Fun when stealing young kids bikes and crashing them!
Fun when getting kissed by someone you love! Even fun to drink out of!

Fun for tailgating before a Kenny Chesney concert!And fun for pictures at your wedding!
Great for line dancing!
The only thing about the teal boots is that I will probably never wear them again. They're cheap ones and not comfortable. I got them because they matched the colors of my wedding. I was surprised at how many people commented on them and LOVED them! They were a huge hit at the wedding!
My all-time favorite brand is Ariat. They fit my feet just right, I feel like I'm walking on clouds! My all time favorite boot is a pair of pretend snake-skin boots I had when I was younger. I'd wear them for riding horses and my mom would always make me take them off when I was inside. I hated that! I wish I had a picture of those because they were the most bad ass boots you've ever seen! And they made perfect "sledding" shoes when the driveway iced-over! I was able to ski the whole way down the driveway in my boots!
I think its 'bout time to get another pair!


  1. Even I have a pair of cowboy boots so I must agree with you on the boot thing.

    I blurred your face out on my blog so I can link to you and you can still be anonymous. Holla!

  2. P.S. your pictures and captions made me laugh really hard. I guess they are a versatile shoe.