Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Redneck Vacation

We might be going on a redneck vacay. And I might mention that it is all my idea.
I LOVE to camp. It can be camping on a 45-mile-backpacking trip, or camping in the back of a car on a weekend excursion when you don' t have enough money for a hotel, or hike-in camping, drive-in camping, I don't care. I just LOVE to rough it. This trait was not acquired through being the wife of a fabulous redneck. I think I have camped way-more times than he has. I just love the outdoors! But maybe I've been a closet redneck my whole life and never knew it.
Anyways. I'm trying to talk him into camping at the beach. We just got done with a wedding and honeymoon (no, we did not pay for them ourselves- but we DID spend lots of money), so money is short. We're both dying to go to the beach. Our overnight accommodations will be $15 per night. That is pretty cheap, and we'd be there for three days.

No, we will not be spending the week (just the weekend), we do not own a pop-out camper, we will not feel required to fly the stars and bars while we camp, we will probably not wear bandannas on our heads (possibly camo though!), we won't smoke Marlboro Reds, or blare southern rock. While we may be a redneck and redneck-in-training, we are not white trash.

The only problem with the whole idea is that its supposed to rain. We'll see what happens!

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