Saturday, May 23, 2009

Remembering-Our-Fallen-Soldiers Weekend

Its Memorial Day weekend. While most people are out on the lake or at the pool and parks, I'm at work. Yup, working that 9-5... oh wait... I work that 7-7. Yeah, 12 hour days are awesome. Especially when you get on a "working-out-kick" (possibly because of the 6 lb weight-gain accomplished over the recent wedding week and honeymoon.... yeah... that's right, 6 lbs!!!) and decide it is a great idea to run after work. Then we add in the commute, because our redneck rear-ends can't live in cities... Whew. I get home at 8:30, eat and go to bed. Isn't eating and going to bed right away supposed to make you gain weight??? Maybe this whole idea is not such a good one!!!

Anyways- I've got Monday and Tuesday off. I've got just a few priorities- weed & water the garden, drink some wine, fish with the hubby, and hang out with friends. That sounds pretty good to me!

My friend Sarah is hosting a "Book Swap" Party in June. I've never heard of this, but you basically get a bunch of girls together and swap books to read over the summer. Then you get together again in the Fall (any excuse to get together, look cute and drink wine!!!) and get your books back! She is really going all out for this party because she wants to possibly start an event-planning business. She already does wedding flowers and knows all-things-wedding and is extremely talented in that area. I'm excited for her business because I think it will definitely be successful! So she wants me to help with the "paper" end of the party because I just got done doing a lot of paper-type stuff for my wedding (programs, invitations, etc.) I'm kind of nervous about helping her because I'm not the craftiest person in the world. We'll see what kind of creative ideas we can come up with! I'm so excited about it!

But we're gonna get together Monday to figure that stuff out and hang out afterwards. Probably grill out at their place. Her hubby was in our wedding and they've become really good friends of ours. Couple-friends are SO much fun! I absolutely love hanging out with a girlfriend, knowing that my hubby is getting to hang out with his guy friend, and we're all together having a blast. There is just something fulfilling about that. Or maybe its just that the people we hang out with are so awesome!?! Not sure- but I like it!

Tuesday we might hang out with the guy that introduced us, so that's pretty cool! We're making all of these trips to the city to hang out and be social all of a sudden. Pretty much the year before our wedding, we've been stuck doing wedding stuff, and trying to get our new house right. Now we've got plenty of time to hang out, farm, and fish. That pretty much sums up our lives right now, and we're lovin it!!!

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