Sunday, May 24, 2009


I decided from here on out, hubby will be referred to as R.N.H. (Redneck Husband). What makes him a RNH you ask? Well- where do I begin?

He loves the stars & bars and salutes them with pride (yeah... I know... THAT is redneck!), drives a big truck and swears that Chevy is best, won't go anywhere without a gun, has more guns than anything else, he'd rather be hunting or fishing than doing anything else, loves NASCAR- specifically anything dealing with "Rockin'ham" and swears that the Yankees and Liberal Californians are ruining it, he grew up in a small town in North Carolina and curses it every time we go home because all of those damn yankees that have moved down here, he knows more about the behaviors of animals and how to take their innards out than he does about books and logic, he has way too many "sayings" that I just don't get sometimes, he grew up working in the tobacco fields and swears that the tobacco juice on his hands has made him addicted to the stuff, he dips Grizzly Straight Long-Cut, loves all things Budweiser, only listens to Waylon & Willie (and the boys!) and thinks that current country music is crap, he thought we should go on a honeymoon to Myrtle Beach, owns a pair of overalls (yes, we have matching camo-overalls!), I could go on & on.
These are just a few examples. Maybe some of you would say he's just a southern country boy instead of redneck, but I live with him, and know him best. He is a redneck! In his words: "My neck is red, cause that's the way God made me."

As for me, I grew up in the biggest city in North Carolina- Charlotte. However I grew up on the outskirts of town in a horse neighborhood. Instead of having a community pool, we had community stables. I was always known as the "country girl" to all of my friends because we had a little piece of land, compared to them, who had a townhouse or just a front lawn to play on. My parents are the damn yankees that RNH talks about. They moved down in the Seventies before I was born. I had my share of times when I rejected my "country" ways- like at school. I went to an inner-city middle school and a high school (in the outskirts of town- but they bused the inner-city kids in!) where I was the minority. I played basketball and was the only white girl on the team and I tried to fit in... I even had a pair of Timberland boots... yes, I know. You'd think after RNH knew that he'd dis-own me! I'm glad I grew up the way I did because it led me to experience a lot of things and get to know people I might otherwise not have. After college I went to work where I met RNH.

On our honeymoon in Mexico, a Russian we met at the resort asked me what attracted me the most to RNH. I told him that RNH knows who he is and what he stands for and he's solid in those beliefs and won't change them for anyone. I don't want to change RNH (maybe a few of his habits!!) but not who he is. The Russian, who was married once before, said that we were lucky to have each other and not need to change for each other. The Russian had been married before and experienced this "changing" that he was talking about. RNH is steadfast in his beliefs, which is good- because I like his beliefs- they're similar to mine!

Anyways- long story short (or long!)- I met a redneck that I fell madly in love with and he has introduced me to his country ways and "dragged" me along. I'm lovin' our adventure together!!!


  1. Ha ha, that is funny. I definitely did not know most of that stuff. He does sound like a redneck!

    I like your colors.

  2. I'm sure if another redneck reads this, he'll think "That boy ain't no redneck... he's just a country boy!" At least if RNH read this about another guy- thats what he would say! :)