Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Fabulous Book Swap!

I have an extremely talented friend named Sarah. She is talented in a million ways, but she was the hostess of a party this weekend that really displayed her talents. Sarah came up with the idea of a "Book Swap" party. Everyone brings 5 books, you swap the books with each other, and then get together at the end of the summer to bring the books back and share about the ones you've read. It is a FABULOUS idea!!!

The party was held at the Pullen House, a historical home in Raleigh. The home was very neat and a perfect place to hold a quaint Sunday afternoon party!
Sarah not only comes up with creative party ideas, she also comes up with beautiful party decor! Sarah really thought of every little detail. She did the flower arrangements all herself- she is VERY talented!!!

This was my favorite flower arrangement- orchids, peonies (I think?), and there were even tea lights dangling from the branches!!!

Each table had a lovely arrangement on it!
I was completely obsessed with the fact that I could drink a drink with an orchid in it!!! Plus it was some delish Prosecco!!! I loved it!
The ladies hanging out, eating scrumptious food and having a lil drinky drink!

The menu. Not only was the idea for the party awesome, the decor of the party awesome, etc etc... Sarah made every little detail match with the theme of the party. The menu above matched the invitations and the entire look! And to go EVEN further- she had each menu item correspond with a popular book. Everything was so cute and so perfect, and the food was so delicious!!!

The even cooler thing about this- Sarah is starting her own event planning business. This was just a tiny example of the stuff she can do. She is incredibly talented and just a fun person in general! If you need an event planner or someone to give you a creative edge, let me know and I'll hook ya up! She's great!

On a side note: I was fortunate enough to be able to have RNH hang out with Sarah's hubby during the party (they've got a bromance going on... so it was no biggie!) and he was able to drive me home. I got to fully indulge in the party! Too much fun!

*On another side note: I'm writing this at 6am, after having worked 12 hours. Hopefully this is making sense... Can I go home yet?*

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