Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Getting Rubbed Off On

I think "getting rubbed off on" by some people is a good thing, as long as they're good people! Well- in this case, I have gotten rubbed off on. In a very redneck-almost-white-trash sort of way. It may be kind of scary to a lot of you. Here are my examples:This was before I even married RNH. I'm actually wearing my camo-jacket because it was cold outside, I also have on my PINK pajamas. I'm wearing a "Bride to Be" crown leftover from my Bachelorette Party, because I was getting drunk and realized I'd never be able to wear it after I'm married. I've also got a Margaritaville glass with rum & coke inside. The part of the picture that you canNOT see is down below my waist. My pajama pants were hanging down, causing the top of my thong to stick out way above my pants. Yes- this is what a redneck does on her night off with her soon-to-be hubby. Sit out on the porch, listening to the sounds of the woods, with a bride crown on, and her thong showing. Awesomeness. Another example of how being "rubbed off on" by a redneck, can be a bad thing. In this example I'm not actually hunting, just walking through the woods. I'm wearing all camo because we had been hunting at some point earlier in the week, month or year... who knows. And the problem with wearing hunting clothes is that you shouldn't wash them because the animals can pick up the clean scent easier. Ater our hunting adventures, we hang up our clothes in the garage and let them "breathe." So when we go walking in the the woods, we might as well put those clothes on too. No sense in dirty-ing up another set of clothes. And the orange hat? Well, sometimes I get scared that I'm going to get shot. And if I'm just walking around back there in camo, there might be a pretty good chance of it. So sometimes I wear a very stylish blaze-orange hat.
This is not me, its RNH. Just thought I'd show you who is doing the "rubbing." Yes, he is on a John Deer and drinking a Bud Light. No, he is not cutting the grass. Yes, it is dark. He just wanted to get on the tractor! We're obviously meant for each other, because I think his tractor's sexy! Haha! :)

I actually find tree stands to be terrifying and I could never sit up in one for hours waiting on a buck. I'd fall asleep and fall out! I'm actually surprised I didn't fall out just getting up there for a picture!
This is RNH and I taking a family portrait. That's right- out on the pond in our camo! I think the picture actually turned out really cute! We've got a picture at this same exact spot during every season on our land!This picture was kinda scary before. Its just terrifying now that I blacked the eyes out! This is me duck hunting in the wee hours of the morning this past Fall.

Here I am holding up one of RNH's prizes for the day. Its a muscovy duck. I wasn't out there when he got it because my stomach was upset so I went in to go back to bed. This was a very important day because of his two catches. I wasn't there for it. I do not feel like a good redneck wife because I missed such an important occasion.

This is RNH and I on Christmas last year. He got a pair of camo-overalls from my mom so that we can match now. I got INSANELY excited over the fact that Redhead makes hunting clothes for women (yes, that is what rednecks get excited over!), and of course my mom gave us tons of ammo. As RNH taught me, you can never have enough ammo!

Even when we go into the big city, we've still gotta find a way back to our roots. Haha! This is me riding the bull at City Limits Saloon in Raleigh for my Bachelorette. You gotta have a redneck batchelorette party if you're marrying a redneck!

And of course we like to "rub off" on our friends. RNH and I are on the right, and our good friends on the left. We had them up to the house for a little shooting with some big guns!

Those are just a few exampes of how my redneck hubby is rubbing off on me. Some may think in a no-so-good way. But I like it and I'm having fun! I can't wait to see what else lies out there for us to do together! We've been on so many adventures already and I can't wait for more! We're actually going to the river tomorrow. We haven't been in months and we're both a little scared because its grown up so much in the woods. I'm nervous about seeing a water moccasin or something. We'll see how it goes. And hopefully I won't run into any Stinging Saddleback Caterpillars!!!

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