Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summertime is Offically Here!

Summertime = baseball time. There is nothing like sitting under the lights, eating peanuts, drinking beer, and watching men in tight pants. Ok, maybe I shouldn't talk about the hot baseball players, but that is just a plus! RNH and I went to see the Durham Bulls play on Monday night. It was awesome. An up-and-coming pitcher for the Tampa Rays was pitching, so that was pretty cool. We ate at Tyler's beforehand- a place I've always wanted to eat. It was delicious! I also got a glass of one of my favorite wines- Canyon Rock Chardonnay and enjoyed it on the outdoor patio. I then proceeded to drink two tall-boys at the game. You can imagine I was a mess afterwards! Then we came home and drank some more. I broke out the banjo on the back porch and tried to strum a tune. Didn't work so well! I'm hoping to bring it to RNH's hometown this weekend. His uncle plays (and use to be in a small band) so maybe he could tune it for me and give me a few pointers. Its a pretty hard instrument to play.
We also prank-called a few of our co-workers and RNH pretended to be "Richard Roundtree" and told them that he was calling because they hit his car. We got some people pretty good and laughed a good bit about it. Oops. We shouldn't be allowed to drink together!
Today we ate Mexican in downtown Wake Forest with another couple. It was fun. Afterwards we went across the street and grabbed some ice cream from A La Mode. The best part was that they have miniature ice cream cones there and I got to witness their daughter having her first ice cream cone! It was adorable!

When we got home the sun was setting, but we discussed how badly we should have mowed the grass today. (RNH slept a little too long because of the drinking escapades we had the night before.) So we decided that we'd try to cut it real quick when we got home. I suggested that I ride the tractor while he weed-eats. He agreed. Shockingly. I never get to mow the grass- and I love to do it! Especially when we have a John Deere! The "tractor" is actually just a lawn-tractor, meaning riding lawn mower. But its true- nothin' runs like a Deere! I did pretty well mowing the grass until it got dark. Then I had to figure out how to turn the lights on! Once I figured it out, I was shocked! Those lights were better than the lights on my truck!!! I think I did a good job mowing, but only sun-up will tell!
I actually felt kind of odd mowing the grass late at night. When I was in probably 4th grade, my sister was walking home from the bus stop and our 40-something neighbor came outside naked. He showed his good to my sis. All of him. She of course ran home and told my parents who called the police. The police assured us that this was probably just a mistake and to call back if he did it again. Turns out, the very next day, Mr. King was at it again. My poor sister had to witness the atrocity twice. Yuck. She was probably in 7th grade at the time. Our parents called the police and the police showed up just in time. A man down the street was on his way to Mr. King's house to KILL him. Seriously. Mr. King had been exposing himself to his daughter for a week or so. Mr. King was arrested, we got a restraining order, and he registered as a sex offender. He also started mowing his grass at night, I'm guessing because he was embarrassed. So whenever I see someone mowing their grass at night, I associate it with a sex offender. I hope no one saw me tonight and thought the same thing!

Anyways. After the night-time grass mowing, RNH and I came inside to tidy up the house, do laundry, I worked on my Honeymoon scrapbook, etc. RNH yells out to me from the extra-bedroom. "Honey, come here." I'm thinking he wants to show me some Myrtle Beach vacation deal he's found on the internet. As I near the dark room and hear the music, I realize different. RNH has the Unity Candle from our wedding lit, and our First Dance song is playing. He grabs me and holds me close and we dance to the song like we did that night. Both of us share a few tears and laugh. It was one of the sweetest moments ever. What a romantic!!!

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    1. I figured it was someone from work but I didn't recognize RNH's voice at all.

    2. Funny sex offender story!

    3. Why do you have a banjo at your house?