Friday, June 12, 2009

"I Be Up In the Gym, Just Workin' On My Fitness, He's My Witness"

Ok- so I'm not really "up in the gym" like Fergie. I wish I was. I used to be a gym rat in college. I LOVED pumping steel and watching all the guys around me. By-the-way, if you're single- the gym is the BEST place to meet some hotties!!! But I don't look for "hotties" anymore. So anyways- in the small town we live in, there is no gym. I used to belong to Planet Fitness (which I LOVED) because it was $10 a month, unless I was wanting to tan, then it'd be $20. It was close to my house and I felt good when I went there. Until one day I walked into the woman's dressing room and saw a TRANSVESTITE (meaning man- dressed as a woman) sitting on the locker room bench, pretending to "watch television." Yeah right- I know what you were realllly in there for....!

So because we don't have a gym here, we're forced to work out at home. We (meaning RNH and I) would prefer to do some running, however, the road in front of the house is pretty busy. Its a back country road, but our house is right before it changes to 55mph, meaning everyone is still hauling ass and they don't feel the need to hit the brakes because they're going past a few houses... So its difficult to get the cardio "in." We had to come up with something else.

We try to keep "control" of our yard. Thank GOD (yes, we're spoiled) that my parents bought us a John Deere when moving into the house. Otherwise, we'd be up the creek. So RNH mows the grass and keeps the weeds down. Well one day he comes in and says "I'm gonna go work out in the Athletic Field." Hmmm... I'm thinking, the High School that's about 15 minutes away? I ask again, "Where?" He responds, "The Athletic Field."
"Oh, okay." Is all I can say back. I'm not sure what he means. Next thing I know I'm washing dishes and looking out the kitchen window at RNH doing some push-ups in the "Athletic Field." This "Field" turns out to be the small square of grass right next to the garden. This "Athletic Field" has become his "baby." He always wants to make sure the grass is the right "height" and has even talked about making it look like a football field, to take him back to his college football days. Nice.

(The Athletic Field is to the right of the shed, and to the right of the garden.)

(This is a picture of the other 1/2 of our back yard. The tree next to the utility poll (that we graciously pay $13/month for- yes, thanks Progress Energy) is our pear tree!)

So this is where he exercises. And I've followed suit. Yes, me. We start in the "Athletic Field," and do a few jumping jacks before stretching. After that, its all down hill. We start by running about 200 yards. Maybe more than that. Its down the "Cow Path" (we named it moving it because we were told the man before us had cows and that was the path they used), and back. The Cow Path has a slight (but NOT slight when you've run it a few times) hill that leads up to the garden/ "Athletic Field" area. Running down the path and then doing a series of squats, lunges, bi-cep curls, push-ups, sit-ups, or whatever you decide, and then running back down the path... is HARSH!!! Doing a circuit work-out like that is insane and horribly hard. I thought for sure I was going to pass out doing this the other day for about 30 minutes. But that might be because I was a a friend's house and had drank alcohol and before that, we went to see The Hangover (AWESOME MOVIE!!!! by the way!) and drank a HUGE Mr. Pibb. I credit my dehydration to that! I usually don't' drink diet drinks, but come'on!!! They need to come up with a Diet Mr. Pibb. I'd be ALL over that!

So anyways. This is the "Athletic Field" where I get my fitness "on." Us rednecks gotta do what we gotta do!!!!

I hope this post (and the one below) makes sense. I actually have been drinking quite a bit tonight. I made a big blender concoction (Cosmos) and then drank out on the porch with RNH, and then interrupted by some crazy S-E-X, because we're married and we can do that. Sorry for the T-M-I. But yeah. Its been a good night at home:)

Tomorrow- hopefully hanging out with my sister's family. Maybe having them up here for a cook-out. And then Sunday is the most awesome Book-Swap Party! Can't wait!!!! And at some point this weekend- I'm buying the pressure cooker I want so bad!!! OH- and my mom is coming up soon and she is giving me my great-grandmother's canning jars!!! I'll be the 4th generation to use them!!!! Cool!