Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm Ready... And Waiting!

Let me start off first by saying the post below is just ridiculous. I apologize for my intoxicated state. Moving on.

The biggest news in my life is that I finally got the Pressure Cooker I've been dying to get. Isn't this sad. The excitement in my life is the same excitement an 80 year old woman shares. Yiikes. Oh well. But now I'm ready for canning... and waiting for the goods to grow!!!
We drove into town today and went to Wally World. I got the Presto Pressure Cooker that I've been eyeing on the internet. I blew $100 on canning supplies. I better like to can!!! The funny thing is that a ~55 year old couple came onto the aisle and asked me what I was going to can. I told them and they shared their stories. The woman was picking up some more lids and rims for sealing. We shared a few stories about canning with our parents and grandparents, a few recipes, wished them good luck in their canning season and moved on.

Then we go to a small hardware store in town. I'm on the canning aisle there just comparing prices and checking things out. Up walks, The Stricklands. They're about 99 years old, seriously. The old man walks with a cane and for some reason wears a mask all the time. I've seen him around. We begin to chit chat about canning and they start telling me about squash pickles and other yumminess. We walk up to the register together and continue our conversation with the check out clerk. As we walk into the parking lot to our cars, the couple invite Adam and I over to their house sometime to swap recipes. They're house is the one behind the fire station with the camper. Just a mile down from the old Mill. "Oh okay! Yeah, we'll have to do that sometime!" Oh my gosh. I'm going to be hanging out with old people for the rest of my young 20-something years. Well, whatever- you can learn a ton of stuff from old people. They've been there, done that. And probably have some good recipes too! We'll see if I actually hang out with them, but it could be fun!

On another note- the 1/2 size garden that we planned to have this year, has now escalated into a garden almost the same size as last years. We've added a few more tomato plants, habenero peppers, lima beans, one cantaloupe plant, and pumpkins. YES pumpkins!!! I can't WAIT!

The garden is my BABY and I'm so proud of it this year!!!

I'm also getting WAY too excited about these guys! I just have to make sure I get to them before the ants do! Once they turn purple, the ants get to them before I can sometimes!

I also want to tell you about my Target desk. I heart Target in a MAJOR way. Even Target on-line ROCKS my face off! I bought a desk online from Target and it shipped IMMEDIATELY! I got it within a few days, assembled it and here we sit! I LOVE it! My mom has some Target furniture too and she loves hers! The desk goes so well with my beach-themed guest room! No, we don't live near the beach (about 2 hours away), but RNH and I are obsessed with it, so why not make our guest room feel like you're there? Its a fun place to hang out!

Even Chloe the kitty loves it!

Alright- next post will be on the most-awesome Book Swap party!!!


  1. I want to get a target desk, too. I'm glad you like it because if you didn't I would have to not get one.

    And your cat is so cute!

    And it is 1pm and I have court at 2 and I'm not even dressed yet. No motivation!

  2. I am totally FOR Target furniture!!! The cool part is that you can read reviews of the furniture from people that bought it on The desk I bought got a million good reviews, so I figured I was safe! Its still made of the "pressed wood" stuff, but its a very good quality!!!

    Thank you for the compliments on Chloe. I'm not going to tell her you said that though. She aleady has a big ego. She thinks she is a princess/baby. She meows to sit on my shoulder like a baby/parrot. Its SO annoying!!!