Monday, June 8, 2009

Just. Stuff.

My sister asked me if all I was gonna blog about was redneck stuff. She said "Surely there is more to your life than being a redneck." Well, unfortunately, there's not! Although I will do a quick re-cap of Memorial Day because it was retarded. In a bad way!

RNH and I went to hang out with the most fabulous couple! The guys took their baby to the park and to run some errands while us girls did a lot of chit-chatting and getting ready for the book-swap party Sarah is hosting. We did some embossing for the invitations- of which I later got mine in the mail, and I can already tell the party will be fabulous!!! Anyways- the boys brought the baby back and took off to see some boy-movie. Well the baby was tired and took a nap, so we continued on with our embossing and popped open a bottle of bubbly. I'm not sure which came first, the pink champagne, the Riesling, or my friend's favorite bottle of wine that can only be bought in Germany, but we ended up drinking 4 bottles of wine. Once the boys were back, we ate a delicious meal and kept drinking. Then we hung out in the front yard, because us rednecks had to try and rub off on our friends somehow. Anyways- on the ride home, I did something unmentionable, which will remain not-spoken about, and also had to ask RNH to pull his truck over so I could barf on the side of the road. Let me tell you this though- the scenery was pretty cool, I was barfing on the banks of Falls Lake. Yes, very beautiful. I continued my barfing charades once at home, only after having taken all of my clothes off except for my thong. Yes- something you definitely want your new husband to see. I don't think he'll ever find me sexy ever again! (Although he says it didn't matter to him... whatever!!!)

RNH and I drinking in our friend's front yard. (This was before the barfing charades!

On another note: something very crazy and insane happened at work last night. I got to be a small part of it, but it was one of the coolest things I'll probably ever be able to experience in my career. Oh, and I also made the news because of it! Not my name, just my face! But I'm not gonna say anything about it on here- why? Because I have a top secret job. Hence why I also feel the need to make all of my pictures look like I'm a strange black alien.

On a redneck note: I weeded 1/2 the garden today. Everything is looking reeeeally good. I'm excited for this years garden, especially since last year was such a disaster! I'm learning... slowly, how to garden the right way. RNH and I are pretty disappointed we didn't plant corn this year- especially with all of the rain we're getting. Oh well- there's always next year!

Also, RNH and I finally made it down to the river to fish. We didn't have the constant-fish-biting that we do in the pond, but we had several "tugs" to get our hearts racing! Last year we caught a ton of small catfish in the river, and about 5 bass. We put it all back except for 3 of the bigger bass, which we brought up to the pond in hopes to create a predator for the over-stocked pond. Well we didn't do that until later in the Fall and I don't think the bass survived the winter. Anyways- RNH caught about a 2 pound bass that we got SO excited about! We took that sucker and stuck it in the pond!!! We caught a few good-size brim & sunfish, but put them all back, in hopes of catching another big bass. Well, we got poured on and RNH fell into the river with his waiters on and wasn't a happy camper, so we headed back inside. Overall we felt it was a successful fishing trip and can't wait to get back down there!

The River, which is the line of our property. On the other side is someones tobacco fields. Its kinda tough to get to because you have to walk along the edge of the swamp and woods. Its definitely worth it once you get there!
Looking the other way down the river. A beaver lives down that way!

A decent-sized bass that RNH caught and we put into the pond to try and control the fish population!
Someone fell in the riiiiiver!

This is the swamp! This area is barren (except for water!) in the winter and where we do our duck hunting. You couldn't pay me to go in there during the summer. I'm sure there are TONS of snakes and turtles! We take the path along side the swamp where it meets the woods!
On another side note: I decided that there is no other feeling like stepping onto your back porch in the middle of the night and soaking in the sounds of the crickets, frogs and other bugs. No car noises, no city lights, no people making noises. Just plain ol' God's country. I absolutely love it and love how it brings me back to Him!

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  1. Now that I've seen "the river" I want to see the "athletic field"