Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sweet Carolina- Blackberry

I decided that this summer I am going to try as many wines as possible from my wonderful state of North Carolina. This shouldn't be too difficult. I love wine all the time, but especially in the summertime!

Sweet Carolina- Blackberry

I bought this bottle from Harris Teeter in Southern Pines for $10.99, a little more expensive than most of the North Carolina wines you can buy. I think it is because it is made of blackberries, which may be harder to come by than other, more-popular berries. But I really have no idea! It was absolutely delicious! It wasn't too tart, like tasting the berry right off the bush. Instead it was sweet and tasted like the full, sweet flavor of a blackberry cobbler. This wine reminds me of the sweet red color that stains your fingers when you squish a berry too hard while picking them. It made me want to rush home and check the bushes for more ripened berries! (Which I did when I got home- and picked quite a few!)

The Chatham Hill Winery was established in 1999 as one of the first wineries in the Raleigh/Durham Area. I would love to visit a local winery. I will also have to have this wine again!
This wine and the winery, being in Chatham County, down Highway 64 from Raleigh, reminded me of a song from one of my favorite bluegrass bands, Kickin' Grass:
I came make it home to Raleigh in less than half an hour, traveling from Pittsboro at 70 miles an hour. There's nothing that can slow me down, they widened 64, but the back roads ain't the back roads anymore.
Cause they're bringing in the blacktop, selling all the farms, running up the piles and running out of charm. I wonder to myself what we need all this road for, if the back roads ain't the back roads anymore.


  1. Ohh!!! I'll have to try that one :) Sounds great!!! -sk

  2. I think WE should try it together- to celebrate your new job!!!!! Hopefully we'll get together soon!