Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tired of Fabulous People

I really hope that I'm not offending anyone here. I'm just speaking my mind. I'm .tired. of people trying to be fabulous.

Maybe its that I'm just not like these other people. Maybe I'm not into the same things these other people are into. And that makes me non-fabulous. I'm not sure. I'm just tired of it. Maybe I should re-phrase everything- I'm talking about girls. Girls trying to be more fabulous than they are.

Let me also preface this by saying: I hate all-things fashion. I'm sorry, I just don't give a DAMN what you look like. If you look cute, I'll tell you. But I'm NOT gonna noticed that you're wearing Jimmy Choo (is that right?) or DVF, or whatever the hell else you're wearing. I don't give a damn. Clothes are clothes to me. Like I said. If. you. look. cute. You. look. cute. The end of the story! You can look cute in Wally World clothes for all I care. Its amazing how many complements I've had from girlfriends recently on clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. and I have NOT paid regular price for any of the stuff that I wear. I hardly ever wear top-notch designer things, and yet I get the same compliments everyone else does. Hmmm....

I guess I just don't get it. I don't put my value in life on wearing designer clothes. I don't post a picture of the outfit I'm wearing at the moment and blog about it. I don't give a damn. I don't take pictures of my shoes and put them on here either. Its actually kind of sad- I have several pair of shoes (most of them have come from Target) and I wear them plum-out. Like metal showing through the bottom of the heel. If I have an adorable pair of shoes, I will wear them quite often. Mostly because the shoes I buy are cute and comfy, and I refuse to go somewhere not being comfortable. If I'm not comfortable, it will show, and I will not be me. I like being me!

It's not just fashion I'm talking about though. I'm also talking about money. If you have the money to spend on top-labels, and that is what you consider important, then by all means, spend your money. I have friends that spend enormous amounts of money on really expensive clothes, and then months later they'll complain that they're so in debt. Really? Maybe you should have thought about that when you were buying that ugly Vera Wang purse.

I'm also talking about the attitude that goes with being fabulous. Just because you might have a ton of money to buy these expensive things, doesn't make you smarter than me, or better than me in ANY sort of way. So loose the attitude. When you meet me, its not a competition to see who has what and who has the better of the "what." Its just a convo. A simple convo to get to know you. I'd rather it not be a competitive one. I like "sharing" type conversations. One where you meet another girl, one that could possibly be a good girlfriend, and you share. I love to share with people. I love to give them some of my knowledge, and take their knowledge from them. I think there is an easy way to have this type of conversation without being competitive. You just share your experience, and give suggestions on ways to improve your experience, and tell the other person a way they can benefit from your experience. There is no need to SHOVE it down their throat. Just encourage people to either experience what you have, or try something, or whatever. Its easy. No competition, just sharing.

I was recently around a group of girls where I felt they thought they were much more fabulous then me. I guess what it all really boils down to, is what you feel is important. What makes you feel rich. I was having this conversation with RNH and then shared it with At Least I'm Skinny. Its really neat to look at what everyone feels "makes them rich." I feel so blessed and so rich by the land I've got, the ability to grow vegetables, be self-sufficient (at least somewhat... I'm working on it!), and have such a loving husband that doesn't try to change me. I feel rich because I live in the country and I can spend time on my back porch at night drinking a beer and relaxing with RNH and enjoying the frog noises. I have friends that are rich because they are single women, (no I'm not some feminist, GO WOMEN! kind of person) but this girl is single, has a solid job and is respected in it, has a paid car to drive, and is buying her own home. Not to mention a cool dog on top of it all! She has her own way of feeling rich. I have other friends that live in the downtown area, rent an apartment, but have great jobs and buy the style of clothes they want and spend their evenings drinking cocktails in downtown bars. To them, that is rich.

I love to think of the different ways people think they are rich. Its funny to me that someone would look at me and think I'm rich. I feel more blessed than actually rich but there are people out there that would consider us rich. Just because we have roofs over our heads.

Anyways... I guess what I'm saying is that I'm just tired of people trying to be "holier than thou." I hate girls that think just because I'm wearing an Old Navy dress and Target pair of shoes, while they wear their whatever-designer dress, shoes and handbag, that they're better than me. You're not. And I'm not better than you because I have land and can plant veggies. We can share with each other. We might not be similar in our tastes or hobbies, but we can have a regular conversation, not having any sort of competition, and learn. Its easy. Just relax. Don't get all caught up in the hype of being perfect. Just hang out damnit. Hang out and be yourself. Being fabulous is hard and takes a lot of work. We should probably leave it to the A-list celebrities. All of us regular folk, just do what you do. Then we can all get together and chat about the crazy things those A-listers wear! That makes a little more sense to me.

Okay- sorry for the rant. Just don't try to be something your not. Look around and feel blessed and rich with what you have. Don't get caught up in what is "fashionable" at the moment and try to keep up. You're not going to be able to.

And when I walk into the room wearing my Target shoes and TJ Maxx dress, tell me I'm cute!


  1. Ha ha, I know this was serious but it made me laugh.

    1. Because I know exactly what you're talking about.

    2. Because they're ugly Vera Bradley purses and not Vera Wang.

    3. Because you said such nice things about me being "rich"

    4. And I totally buy designer things sometimes and it made me laugh. I'm sure I'll tone that down though and buy stuff for my new HOUSE!!!

  2. HAHAHA omg- see, you can totally tell that I don't buy designer stuff- I can't even get their names right!

    Here's the thing, if you like designer stuff, and can afford it, buy it. Or if you can't afford it, buy it every once in a while to treat yourself. I just can't STAND the girls that think designer stuff makes them who they are.

    And I hate having "competition-type" convos with girls because they're trying to hard to impress you. I might not be like you, we might not have much in common, but the more we share, the more we can learn from each other. And who knows- we might even have something in common!


    Oh, and you are totally rich! :) The 30th is right around the corner, what what!!!

    I'm not sure I got my point across very well because I was slightly intoxicated (I've GOT to stop posting while drunk!)

  3. So I take it that you didn't like the crowd on Sunday? ;)


  4. SK- no no no!!! I loved the people I met!!! I'll have to tell you more about this in person!