Sunday, June 28, 2009


RNH and I went to RNH's hometown of Aberdeen, NC this weekend to see his folks. We also tried to catch up with a few friends. We ate dinner with the family at Shuckers on Saturday night and then decided to part ways and find some old friends to hang out with. I was hoping to be able to hang out with the couple that I met the last time we visited. They were AWESOME! They're pretty much exactly like us! It is RNH's best friend growing up. They were even born down the hall from each other in the hospital! He was supposed to be in our wedding but couldn't make it because of his crazy schedule. And because of his crazy schedule, I have only met and hung out with them one time. Anyways- we didn't get to see them. We drove around and called a few people but no one was answering. Then we went to Broad Sreet Bar & Grill. This is where RNH and his best friend worked for years as bouncers. They pretty much "raised hell" together at this place. Going back here is like entering into a part of RNH's life. Its kinda neat. So we went in, it wasn't the same crowd it used to be and he barely knew anyone. So we moved on.

Adam had forgotten that WB's even exsisted.
The guy who owned Broad Street was pretty much a legend to everyone in the area. He was also pretty much Adam's godfather. "Brook" is what they called him. Brook died a few years ago and to keep his legend going, they opened up "Westbrooks," or WBz. (Broad Street was sold to someone else.) Inside WBz is pictures from over the years of Brook and his friends. Brook also owned several bars (5+) and on all of the walls there are signs from each bar with a place people like to hang the pictures they have of Brook. Its a really cool idea. RNH was on the wall quite a few times!
The most cool thing about this bar is that Brook is watching over it. They have a tiny urn up above the bar, with him in it, surrounded by all of his most prized memoribilia. Most of it sports stuff, and the bandana that he was never seen without.
RNH and I sat in there for quite a while and enjoyed some beers. RNH reminisced about the old times with this person who was apparently one of the most enjoyable people on earth. RNH's friend Pete stopped in. (He also DJ'd our wedding!) We hung out and talked to him for a long time. Then he had to get up and leave. We said our goodbyes and he went around to the cashier to pay. Next thing we know, the bartender is handing us our credit card back. Pete had paid for our entire bar tab!!! (We had several drinks and TWO orders of their handmade chips!!!) So nice and such a suprise!!! He has already done so much for us, and then he does something else!!!

We made plans and ate breakfast with him and his girlfriend, another life-long friend of RNH. It was great. And of course we picked up this bill this time!

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