Monday, July 6, 2009

A Blast From the Past

I absolutely love going to drive-in movie theatres!!!
Tonight RNH and I (after much begging!) went to the "local" drive-in movie theatre. The local drive-in is only 30 minutes away from our house, which is better than the one I grew up going to. Going to that one was a special treat because it was an hour away, located in Badin, NC. This drive-in is AWESOME!
Raleigh Road Drive-In of Henderson, NC was opened on July 15, 1949. The newspaper article from The Henderson Daily, reads "patrons are invited to smoke if they wish, dress as they please, and to bring your snap beans or other vegetables to prepare for the next day's meal." Ahhhh! If only I had brought my snap beans (I actually did that before going to the movie!!!)

After going through several owners, the current owners bought the theatre in 2004 off of E-bay. Yup... who thought you could sell an American past time on that crazy website?!?!? I also learned that there are actually 7 operating drive-ins in North Carolina, with Raleigh Road being the oldest!
Here is the scoop on the place:
First of all, it was only 30 minutes away. We drive 30 minutes to Raleigh to go see a movie anyway, so this was no biggie. (We've actually quit going to movies ever since we moved out here to the "boondocks.") RNH and I paid our $10 (that is $5 per person!) at the little drive-thru booth, before entering into a gated field. We picked out our spot on the front row and learned that there were only 12 vehicles that night. Sweet! We got there early so we immediately headed to the snack bar! $11 got us 1 large popcorn, 2 large drinks, 2 candies, and 2 hotdogs. REALLY!?!??! Its at least $25 at a regular movie theatre for two large drinks and a large popcorn. WOW! After grabbing our food we grabbed a radio for $1. You can listen to the movie on your vehicle's radio, but we were sitting in the bed of my truck and didn't want to have to bother with a dead battery!

We sat on my truck box for the first half of the movie, enjoying the Transformers, and munching on our food. We brought a blanket, chairs, and citronella plants (I'll blog about those later!) and ended up setting our camping chairs up in the bed of the truck and bundling up in the blanket. It was a chilly July night!

I must say- there is just something about watching a movie outside. I remember my teenage years in Charlotte when I just got my license, I'd go downtown with friends to see the movies that they'd play for free on the side of a building during the summer. Then when I was dating I'd make a trip with the (lucky!) current boyfriend out to Badin Lake for the Badin drive-in. Badin isn't 1/2 as nice as this drive-in theatre! Badin does show 3 movies instead of 2, starting the movies earlier in the night and beginning with a kid-friendly movie.

I just absolutely loved it. I felt like it was officially summer. And being able to share RNH's first drive-in experience with him was so awesome. I think he liked it, more than he'd admit. But that's fine! We talked about the money, the drive, etc. and decided we'll definitely go back! I can't wait!!!
(I forgot to mention- they play old movie trailers= awesome! And you can even rent out the movie theatre for $1,000!!! You could get married there!!! Hahahaha!)

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