Thursday, July 16, 2009

Childress Vineyards- Scupperdine

I bought this wine from Food Dawg, aka Food Lion for $7.99. I've had it before, even been to their vineyards, and let me tell you- it is the most delicious wine I've ever had. Seriously.

Childress makes several different varieties of the Scupperdine wine, in Blush, White and Red. I've had all three, I'm pretty sure. But honestly can't remember the big difference in taste between the three. This time I picked up a bottle of blush.

The wine is ultra-sweet. It has a wonderful flavor that bursts with a hint fruit. It is a perfect dessert wine!
The reason the wine is called "Scupperdine" is because it is made from the Scuppernong and Muscadine grapes. Scuppernong grapes originate in North Carolina and were named such because they grow along the Scuppernong river in the coastal regions of NC. The Scuppernong grape is also known as the "white grape." Sir Walter's explorers that first came to NC wrote Sir Walter a letter in 1584 speaking of the abundance of such a great grape, stating "grapes of such greatness, yet wild, as France, Spain, nor Italy hath no greater." The Scuppernong grape is even mentioned in the official North Carolina toast! The oldest Scuppernong vine, "The Mother Vine," is 400 years old and grows on Roanoke Island. And the Scuppernong is the official State Fruit! Who knew!??!

The winter will be short, the summer long,
The autumn amber-hued, sunny and hot,
Tasting of cider and of scuppernong
~Elinor Wylie
(Yes, I got all this information from Wikipedia, but I found it all very interesting being a native North Carolinian!)

RNH has a jeweler in Lexington, NC and we ended up purchasing my wedding band from there. When we went ring-looking, we decided to make a "trip" of it and see what Lexington, NC has to offer! That is when we stumbled across Childress Vineyards.

It really is a beautiful place! A perfect setting for a wedding! Unfortunately we were there in the Fall and the vines did not have leaves or fruit on them. However you could easily see the vines in the dormant stages across the acreage. I would love to go back during the season!Childress is a wonderful place to visit because you can take wine tours and do wine tastings, as well as eat in their quaint Bistro. Just stop in! Tours are offered daily. RNH and I stopped in while on the way to pick up a diamond, so unfortunately we didn't care to take the time to do the winery thing, I just really wanted to see that ring! We figured we would come back at another time and do a wine tour and tasting. It looked like tons of fun! I did, however, do a quick run-through of the gift shop. I already knew that I was obsessed with the Scupperdine wine, and therefore had to pick up some memorabilia! I grabbed a Childress Vineyards wine glass!

And just a side note about Lexington, NC if you ever decide to take the trip: I highly recommend going into the downtown area and going this candy store:

And of course visiting our jeweler, Hayes, the Diamond King of the East Coast!
As well as picking up some BBQ from Speedy's. They've been featured on Food Network and have won TONS of awards... And you can't go to Lexington without eating BBQ anyways... Its the mecca of NC BBQ!

Seriously, the best BBQ I've EVER had. EVER!


  1. It was tasty wine. And I've been eating your applesauce with dinner. I forgot to tell you that at work.

  2. I hope you're liking it!!! I'm getting the itch to try and make it again- only this time I'll sprinkle a few cloves in WITH THE CAP ON!!!