Friday, July 10, 2009


I promised I'd blog about the Citronella plants, so here goes:
First of all, I'm intoxicated. And the only time I remembered to take pictures of the Citronella Plants was now. Oh well! I've asked (I swear) a million people about Citronella plants and everyone responds, "Oh, no way- I never knew there was a plant."
So apparently there is a plant, of which the citronella candles derive, and they "shoo" away bugs. I've got three so far, and I'll admit, they do work! Tonight I sat around them and the bugs that didn't seem to affected were gnats. The mosquitoes came, hovered for a bit, and left. No meal here with citronella around! So, anyways- I highly recommend them.
On another note- I kept telling people that the company "Burpee" grows all of the vegetables for you (from seed), and is the one that has the Citronella. Okay- turns out its "Bonnie" and I just read the label wrong. So go to your local Southern States, or heck- even Wally World has Bonnie stuff, and look in the Herb section for your own Citronella. Don' t ask me anything about growing it- I'm just learning myself! :)

*They make good gifts for first-time homeowners too!!!*


  1. Awww, yay! It tipped over on my way home so now its even more ghetto so don't feel bad. I put it out on the back porch to shoo away mosquitos at my house too. :)


  2. Omg- I'm the worst ghetto-present giver EVER!!! Haha! I hope it works to keep the bugs away for you!