Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Move

So my BFF from work, At Least I'm Skinny, is officially a HOMEOWNER!!! (If you get a chance to congratulate her- do!) I'm actually pretty shocked at how she's not telling everyone like crazy! I am SO excited for her! I am having a hard time keeping it "quiet" because I don't want to steal her thunder and people being excited for her and hearing it the first time from her. I think there is just something bad ass about owning a home! Especially when you own it all by yourself!

She moved this past week from her condo that she shared with her sis into her new home, which wasn't that far away. Her sis was also making the move. We woke up bright and early to "catch the worm" or whatever... except I ended up being embarrassingly late and we didn't catch the worm, maybe just an ant, or whatever... Anyways.

After a few trips back and forth with the UHaul and a ton of walking/running up and down stairs and hills, we finally got her stuff moved into her new place! We even got to meet the people that live next door to her. Her neighbors are real nice and the man is a geologist. We sat there and talked to him about an area of Raleigh that is actually built on an old lead mine (hence the name, Leadmine Road), and the possibilities of radon and other things in the area. He sounds like such an interesting person to live next to! His wife was very nice too!

This was my first time meeting Skinny's parents, and let me just say this- if you read her blog and laugh out loud like I do, you'd know where she gets it. They're hilarious! Especially her dad! I mean who visits their daughter and leaves pretend parking tickets are her car, from a pretend undercover agent? Haha! I hope she blogs about this- it was so funny I almost cried!

Anyways- about the house: I love it! It is perfect for her! My all-time favorite part of the house would have to be the "den/family room/living room/dungeon/whatever-they-end-up-calling-it," because it has wood paneling in it. She says she hates it because its so Seventies. I LOVE it because it makes me feel like I'm in a cabin in the woods! She said she's going to paint over it, but I'm trying to convince her otherwise! I also love the deck! It is the perfect place to hang out!

I wish I had taken pictures, but again- I don't want to spoil her fun of being a first time homeowner and being able to brag about it! I got so excited to walk around the yard and think of all the possibilities of where the garden could go, what flowers could go where, etc. But then I had to tell myself to slow down. Not everyone is a nut-so like me and goes crazy over outdoor crap. She said she is excited to have a yard to plant flowers in and stuff, so I can't wait to see how it turns out! I'm SO excited for her!
Its crazy to think that RNH and I have been in our house for a year now. It is also crazy to realize how the place is a never-ending project. We always have something that needs to be done- but I guess that's half the fun!


  1. Ha ha, this made me laugh out loud. And thanks so much again for helping me move! And my dad remembers your husband's name. I'll have to tell you the story at work.