Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saying Goodbye

I had to say goodbye to my BFF-Since-Birth, for the first time in our lives. Like a forever goodbye. Well, sort of forever. I told her I feel like she is dying. My BFF is moving from good ol' North Carolina all the way to New Orleans. While I'm extremely excited for her and this new chapter of life she is starting all on her own, I am terribly sad. I don't think we've ever had to say goodbye like that.

My BFF-Since-Birth, really is that- a best-friend-forever-since-birth. Our mothers met at a church and became best friends. Every Friday night, our families would eat together at the same pizza place. Yes, every Friday night. That meant I was there, even before I was actually here- like on earth. My mom ate at Pizza Etc, while I was in the womb, as did her mom the next year when she became preggie with Linds. So basically I've known Linds ever since she was born.

The craziest thing about Linds and I, is that we are two totally different people. Especially when we were younger, my sister and I would gang up on her and her brother. Us kids would sit together at one table and sometimes my sister and I would "wink" at each other and ignore Linds and her brother, pretending we knew Morse code and we'd burst out laughing at some "secret joke," infuriating Linds and her brother. I know- cruel.

Linds' memories of coming to my house growing up would be that of playing in the woods and getting dirty. My memories of going to her house would be forcing me to play Barbies and baby dolls with her. She was Daddy's little girl, and I was the son my dad never got!

Eventually we ended up going to the same High School. It was odd having her in the same place where I would see her more than once a week. We even started a "notebook" to pass between us during classes so we could write notes back and forth. It was fun, secret and special. I still have it and die laughing when I read it! We had to say goodbye in high school when I moved onto the next chapter- college at NC State, while she finished up her Senior year. But then the next year, she ended up in Chapel Hill, only about 30 minutes down the road. We had similar friends and would end up being able to hang out and catch up every once in a while.

Eventually I graduated from NCSU, found a job in Raleigh and stayed. Next thing I know, Linds follows suit and moved to Raleigh for a job! It was neat having her in the same city, although I don't think either one of us saw each other as much as we'd like to.

So I'm used to having her here. Always in my life. She was one of two of my bridesmaids, my actual birth sister being the other! We could tell each other everything. And when I say that- I mean everything. It is so special to have a friend like that. We haven't seen much of each other over the past few years, but every time we did see each other, it was like we picked up right where we left off.
Over the years, as we've gotten older and boys have come into the picture, I've felt much more like her bigger sister. We're only a year apart, but I just experienced some crappy things, dating some big douche bags, and I wanted to make sure she didn't have to go through that. And now that a guy is involved in the move to NOLA, I'm just worried that I won't be there to "protect" her. Not that I could anyway. And I'm sure she'll be fine. The guy seems nice. I just get worried!

I'm also worried about the fact that since parents live in Charlotte, she will always be coming home to the Queen City, instead of Raleighwood. Oh well- we've been friends through everything, of course we'll continue to be BFF's for life. I actually asked her to start a blog once she gets settled so those of us that got "left-behind" (j/k Linds!!!) can keep up with her life better!
I'm sad, yet excited for her! She is gonna have a BLAST down there and I can't wait to visit! :)

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