Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sly as a Fox

It seems like every single summer night that we've had off, we've spent it on our back deck. Besides the noise of the air conditioner, its perfect. Nothing but bugs, frogs, and an occasional car, can be heard. But there are tons of bats, spiders, and shadows to be nervous about!

We recently have had a few sightings of a fox, usually in the morning or at night. This fox looks more to me like a coyote or some huge dog. It is a very, very large fox. And of course, I'm terrified of it. I saw it the first time right as I got up at 5am to go to work. The night before I had emptied a box of stale Special K under the pear tree to feed the birds. The next morning, the fox was eating Special K! Who knew fox like cereal!??! RNH also saw it- as he was walking out the door to work one morning. The fox was in the neighbor's yard and just stared at RNH. Then the fox walked up to the roadway and just went about its business. It wasn't scared at all. Which then scares the crap out of me! This thing should fear us humans!!!

So RNH and I are drinking (I had a very delicious NC wine that I'll blog about later!) and we start talking about this fox. I think we should name him. Anyways- RNH is mad because we live in Granville County, the county that has the highest population of turkeys in North Carolina. We have a ton of land that these turkeys should be living on. But they're not. We have tried several different things to lure the turkeys in, so we can hunt them. But they're nowhere to be found. We've actually seen a ton of turkey poo (even on our back deck!) and seen their feathers, and even breastbone (I think!), in the woods. But no turkeys. (Oh wait- last summer RNH chased a Tom through the woods just trying to get a better look at it! And there was a hen and a jake in the back yard once. But this is not a lot of turkey sightings in our area!) There was even a turkey dead on the road that had been hit by a car! Yet RNH and I would get up at 6am hunting these stupid birds that just aren't here. What is the deal???
RNH decides its the fox. The fox is eating everything. I think he may be right! So as we're sitting there at night talking (and drinking), and RNH spots the fox behind the shed. He goes and gets his flashlight and gun. He decided we're going fox hunting. I follow suit, why? I don't know. Maybe because I had been drinking? We walk back through the woods, staying on the trails, and there is no sign of the fox. Dangit. RNH thinks we should scare him, so he fires off a few rounds back at his target shooting area. That will teach that fox!
Needless to say, it has been a week and we have not seen the fox again. I was finding a strange scat in the garden, probably his, but not anymore. I'm not so sure that firing off a few rounds really scared the dang animal out of its regular habitat, but if it did, that fox is a scaredy cat! The only good thing about the fox- we don't have any rabbits. None. I'm thinking if that fox was gone, we'd have a million rabbits eating up the garden!
Speaking of turkey hunting, and being a newly wed, I just got excited when I came across this picture!!! The couple had their wedding in Jamaica and then did a honeymoon in Tennessee so they could turkey hunt. Totally sounds like something RNH and I would do!


  1. I bet the little fox is so cute. You should make him your pet. But there was a confirmed rabid fox that we discussed this a.m. so maybe that isn't a good idea.

  2. Yeah, I'm actually pretty scared that it is rabid! I guess if it starts foaming at the mouth, I'll know to run!