Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Duplin Vineyards- Carolina Scuppernong

This is the mack-daddy, of all mack-daddies. Seriously.

Duplin Winery makes some of the best wines in North Carolina. And I will probably tell you that all muscadine or scuppernong wines are my favorite. That's because they pretty much are- I am obsessed with that type of grape! But this wine takes the cake on all of the ones that I've had so far. I will always come back to this bottle when I want a good scuppernong wine.
First of all, it is appealing to the eye because it comes in a very apple-green colored bottle, which can spike your curiosity. Let me tell you, you won't be disappointed!
The wine itself is a very pretty gold color and smells of wonderful fruity, flowery bouquet. It has a very light, crisp taste that leaves your taste buds begging for more!
I love how it has a very flavorful fruitiness on the front of the tongue, with a ever-so-slight hint of a pepper bite on the back. The bite is barely noticeable and I think adds a crisp to the taste. It is absolutely delicious. When I take a sip of this wine, I feel like I'm sitting on the back of an old Southern plantation house in a beautiful dress and large floppy hat, watching a horse and carriage trot by. Or maybe I'm just sitting around a bunch of citronella plants on my back deck, listening to country radio and watching the bats flitter around the light looking for its next meal.

Either way- I am obsessed with this wine!
On another note: I briefly mentioned our stop by the Duplin Winery after our Kamping Excursion, and I'm just dying to really visit this winery. It is located in Rose Hill, NC, home of the world's largest frying pan! We stopped by real quick and I was standing outside the winery peering into the windows like a lost little puppy dog. The Silver Coast Winery, that we had visited earlier in the weekend was open on Sundays, so we just assumed this one might be too! It is RNH's favorite wine. And he's not a wine drinker. I really want to do a tasting there and learn the differences between all of their different wines. There is a huge festival coming up too, but I'll be at work that weekend. I'm determined to make it down there sometime soon!


  1. IS that the stuff I tried? I've been meaning to ask you because it was so delicious.

  2. AH, I can't remember which one you had! Did I take a picture of the bottom- do you remember? I don't remeber doing so- if not, it might have been one that I've already blogged about. Either way- any scuppernong/muscandine wine, is the way to go!