Thursday, August 13, 2009

Duplin Vineyards- Hatteras Red

I will be honest with you, I'm getting very irritated. I am obsessed with muscadine wines, as mentioned before. Duplin and other vineyards make tons of different varieties of muscadine wines, but I cannot tell the difference. So therefore, I'll mention again... I'm dying to visit Duplin so I can become educated on what makes each bottle and type different. Each bottle is to die for. Literally.

RNH and I love Duplin so much, I think we're going to join their wine club. I have to do some research on it.

Anyways- Hatteras Red is RNH's favorite bottle. Why? He can't tell me. He knows as much as I do- nothing!
Hatteras Red is again, wonderfully delicious. A wonderful bouquet of fruit and it has a small hint of a bite on the front. The bite is much less than the Carolina Scuppernong that I blogged about before.

So basically this post- and any other posts about Duplin Wines will be pointless, until I can learn about the differences in the wines. I really want to learn!

On another note: this is RNH's choice of drink. While I'm pretending to be "sophisticated" (when really I'm just turning into a wine-o with a regionally specific habit... He chooses to drink a "fawty." And yes, he calls it this. His stomach hurt the next day. I mean, come'on what did he expect, its called "Schlitz" for a reason...!!!

And here is my attempt at being sophisticated. Yes, I got dressed up to sit on my couch and drink wine. In my defense, we were going to Walmart later that night. (In reality, I had been sweaty and "geared-up" in my swamp clothes and just wanted to feel pretty and feminine for once!

And on another note, we visited the Raleigh Road Drive-In again tonight. It was a blast as usual. We saw G-Force and GIJOE. Both were great movies but I must say I'm a sucker for funny kids movies. I LOVED G-Force! A crazy thing about the two times we've been to Henderson, NC to go to the drive-in. Each time, we've had a near-death experience with other drivers on the road. The last time we met a drunk that pulled out in front of us and decided to swerve all over the road, run a red light and nearly wreck into a poll. Tonight it was a jack-a** that decided he was going to run a red-light. Thankfully I was watching. "He's really not going to stop is he????" I was sitting in the middle of the intersection, not wanting to pull out any further and risk RNH being smashed into smithereens. The driver saw at the last second that he was going to run the red light. I watched as the front end of his car as it almost dug into the ground as he slammed on his brakes and the tires smoked. Funny thing about both incidents- they were thugged-out cars, full of people. RNH and I vowed to never come to this town unless it was for the drive-in or to see his great-uncle. That town is a ghetto death-trap!!!

And I also hit an opossum on the way home. I almost hit another one, and a dog. Maybe I should just stay off the road?

Wines coming your way- Old State Winery's Chardonnay, Hinnant Vineyard's Strawberry Wine, Silver Coast's Calabash White. YUM!


  1. I like how your "dressed up" is a dress and cowboy boots!

  2. Yeah, its pretty sad when I'm more proud of my boots than I am of my heels!!! (At least my boots are comfy!)