Saturday, August 22, 2009

Introducing.... Mrs. K!!!

I have this friend, Mrs. K, who is incredibly talented and creative! She is the one from the oh-so-famous Book Swap party, and other fun "outings" that I've blogged about (I just didn't openly mention her!) But now she has her own blog of the most "Coolest Stuff Ever!"

I think this is pretty cool for the following reasons:

1) Mrs. K is extremely creative and does amazing work on whatever creative thing she is doing at the moment.
2) Mrs. K has awesome ideas.
3) To have Mrs. K's right-brain (isn't that the creative side!??! Sheesh- I guess I don't have the left or right side!) and for her to think something else is just the "coolest thing ever" makes it really, the coolest thing ever!!!
4) Plus, if you know her- she's just a totally fun person!

Anyways- check out her blog- she's got cool stuff!!!

Also- I'm excited that she has a blog because from here on out, I can now mention her as "Mrs. K." Instead of "a friend of mine, blah blah blah!" And, even more exciting: we planned the Extravaganza of the year for ourselves!!! It will include a trip to the mountains, tons of silly happenings along the way, plus a possible vineyard and picnic lunch via mountain top! How cool is that?!?!?

And for entertainment purposes:
Myself and Mrs. K at her Book Swap Party at the beginning of the summer! Yes, we had a few too many drinks and we're crawling around in the grass! Too fun!

Another fun pic of Myself & Mrs. K!

At Least I'm Skinny, The Coolest Stuff EVER, and The Wife of a Fabulous Redneck. And despite our annonymous pics- I promise, we're pretty people!!!

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