Monday, August 31, 2009


Sorry- not the most-exciting post, despite the title. *BUT- IF YOU READ THIS POST, PLEASE VOTE!!!*

1) We've been without constant Internet at the hizzie for almost 2 weeks. I officially hate Time Warner Cable. Hate is not a strong-enough word.
2) I'm SO SO SO far behind on my NC wine posts its RIDICULOUS!!! I think my tongue and desire for wine have out-lived my finger's desire to type.
3) There is ENTIRELY WAY TOO MUCH CRAP to try and begin to post.
4) I'm intoxicated, what else is new?
5) I visited a local winery with Skinny & RNH. Can't WAIT to blog about it! (If I can find time!)
6) I almost got killed by a Bobcat, seriously, a wild cat. And to top it all off, it would have been a naked murder...
7) Little baby chickies were hatched today in Ohio, and they are coming to me here in North Carolina via the US Postal Service... Scary huh?
8) I'm going to the Queen City for Labor Day weekend, so AGAIN, no time to post!!!

Ugh. So much is going on, so much wine has been drunk, and Time Warner Cable is all to blame for keeping you out of the loop. I will attempt at going back in time to re-capture the necessary details of all of the numbered items above. But for now, the most important thing is I need you to vote.

*Please Vote For One of the Following:*

1) Kill (via rifle), a (scary and dangerous) Bobcat, that will kill your pet Chloe-the-kitty (the sweetest lap-kitty you've ever met), and six baby chickies that you've got mailed to you from Ohio....), have it stuffed and placed above your mantle in a very cool (slash redneck) way, for all of your visitors and over-night guests to admire


2) Spend several painstaking hours on the phone trying to locate the extension agent or wildlife/game expert in the area, to come to your house on a day you're available) to humanely trap the dangerous and vicious Bobcat, to have it relocated to another area where it can live in peace.

Please vote. Your vote will be a difference between life and death for a living creature. Just keep this in mind. Also keep in mind while voting, we don't give a damn about your vote. There is a Bobcat season with NO bag limits... and we WILL kill the damn thing. Okay sorry. Yes, please vote. We'd love to read your responses.

And something for you to look forward to: the reason behind the Bobcat. A very serious and very scary read for anyone.


  1. EXTENSION AGENT! I will die if you stuff that bobcat and I have to look at it. EEEEK!

  2. kill that bitch! -sk

  3. Skinny- you KNOW I'll have you over JUST to make you pet it!!!

    SK- I'm surprised you let your child venture out into our woods with a bobcat out there! Haha, just kidding! But I agree DIE BOBCAT DIE!!!