Saturday, August 22, 2009

Running Around Like a Chicken, With My Head On

Yes, we've been busy. Sorry for the lack of posts. But this is the most important update on our lives, seriously...

RNH said "yes,"to my begging for chickens. I want chickens so bad. Seriously. I want them because they're cool, because they make good pets, because they're different, because they actually have personality, and most of all, because they can give me an omelet, or a stuffed breast. Yup, I said it. Why not have a pet (or 2... or 4...) that can give back to you? If I had my way, I'd have one of every animal. One cat (check!), one dog (in the works... gotta convince RNH!), one chicken (or more, because what kind of flock is a "flock of one?"), one goat, one cow, one horse, one donkey, etc, etc. That would be my dream. RNH settles for a flock of chicken. Not only are they cheap, but they give back.

RNH grew up spending a lot of time at his grandma's house. She raised Road Island Reds, (which they say are the best breed out there.) When it comes time for us to buy a house and land, I think to myself yes, this would be perfect for dogs, cats, chickens, etc. Knowing realistically, it'd be a stretch if I got chickens. Surprisingly, my wish came true, and I really didn't even have to beg!

The best part about this whole thing is that the coop is pretty much free. Behind our tobacco barn, we've got stacks and stacks of pallets that the original home owner left behind. The pallets have been covered by tarps and there is some pretty good wood under there. We decide to dig out all of the good wood, separate it from the pallets, and construct a coop, for free, out of the wood.

We've started and this is what we've got: a frame, so far.

We went out to Lowes and spent about $30 on the hinges, screws and chicken wire for the coop. Not too bad for building a chicken house! The house isn't too big since we're going to get a small amount of chickens. This has definitely made it easier to build!

I'll keep you updated on our progress! The picture above is just the "framework" that we've got together so far. The biggest problem that I've noticed so far is, no one sells chickens. I've been looking on the interent mostly. I'm thinking next time I head to the feed store, I need to ask them where the is the best place for me to buy some RIRs! (Oh, and by the way- I want to raise them from 2-3 days old so it will "imprint" on them that I am their mother! I looked into hatching them from eggs, which would be nice, but you have to turn them at least three times a day, otherwise you'll get deformed chickens! That's too much for me right now! I wonder if I can purchase from the NC State Fair?)

On another note: While we build this coop, we have to keep in mind that predators, such as 5 foot long black snakes, must NOT be able to penetrate the borders!!!! :)

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