Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summertime Heat

I swear, North Carolina gets so frickin hot. And I love it. So hot, you can't even step outside for a minute without sweating. So hot, that all you want to do is sit inside all day and watch tv or eat ice pops.

This has actually been a problem with RNH and I. We've been dying to get outside, back into the woods. Thankfully I've had canning to keep me busy, but RNH hasn't had much to do. His beloved X-Box 360 crashed and he's having to send it back to Microsoft. So instead he's been playing the Sim City computer game I bought a long time ago.

A quick note about the Sims. When the computer game first came out, I was super excited. I went and bought it as soon as I had the money. When I came home and uploaded the game, I was very disappointed. Something was wrong with my game. The people were speaking some sort of gibberish. Instead of speaking English, they were speaking a different language I had never heard. Russian maybe? Who knows. But I took that game back where I got it and explained the situation to the clerk. "This game is broken. The people are speaking non-English." She was polite and gave me a new game. When I got it home, I realized that they were speaking "Sims" language. Not a foreign one. And the game wasn't broken. Dangit. I thought the little people would talk to each other. Thankfully the clerk at the store had never played Sims, or was maybe just not wanting me to feel like an idiot. Anyways...

Back to the topic at hand- heat. The path down to the woods, the "cow path" (because a long time ago cows used it), has been swarming, and I mean swarming with deer flies. These horrible little bugs land on you and suck your blood! Thankfully I have not experienced that yet, but they swarm around your head to the point that you think you are literally going to go insane. We've done a lot of research on how to make them disappear, but I learned that for 4 to 6 weeks, these little bugs thrive in the heat of the day. Ugh. The websites suggest wearing bug spray (which doesn't help), or a hat that has netting around it, and even suggests taping sticky fly tape to the hat to catch the darn things. What? I know this is the woods and no one is going to see me, but I am not going to wear a netted hat with fly paper all over it!
RNH and I go down the dreaded path yesterday and to our surprise, the deer flies are almost completely gone! There are a total of 2 flies that won't leave us alone. I can deal with two. The only problem with them, is that they followed us the entire time in the woods. Probably for at least 20 minutes. I thought I was going to loose it and freak out. I hate those darn things!
Anyways- RNH found a creepy beetle bug.

The baby spike that someone had killed and not eaten. It ended up wandering onto our land and bleeding out. Its sad when they shoot the wrong deer, like a baby male deer, and instead of trying to track it, they just let it run off somewhere and slowly die. Now its just bones!

We were talking to our neighbor, Charles, a few weeks ago about the heat. He was saying that the swamp areas can dry up in the summer so much, that you can drive your truck across the land. Well, he ain't jokin'! When we went down to a different part of the swamp, we could tell that if we had been in another drought this year, it is probably true! The swamp was only a few feet deep and not very wide across. We actually caught a few small catfish- but give it a few weeks with no rain, those fish will be nothing but bones!
A raccoon is having a hay-day down there eating something and washing it in the swamp!

While we were down there, a storm came rolling in. The thunder was pretty loud, and it actually put a cool breeze through the trees. I could have stayed out there forever with that breeze blowing, but RNH (being smart) decided we should pack up and head in. (Of course we never ended up getting any of the rain from those clouds... it just blew on over us like we don't need any rain!)
We decided to pop out in the field above us instead of trudging back through the woods. The field is owned by the people next to us. Actually no one lives in the house on the land. An old lady used to, but now she is in a nursing home and her son brings her here on the weekends. When he brings her he does work on the land or goes hunting. Recently he built a structure for the grapes to climb on out of huge cedar trees. It is a beautiful structure, and guess what kind of grapes are growing... muscadine!!! I'm so jealous, and will probably sneak over there when they're ready to eat a few!

The storm was rolling pretty good, so we headed back to the house.
Once we got back to the house it was obvious that the storm was blowing over. So we decided to check out the pear tree. It is loaded! So of course, we picked a few!

We actually picked a lot more than this. I have no clue what kind of pear tree it is, but the ripe pears taste very good! The skin is a lot chewier than the kind of pears you buy in a grocery store. I'm hoping to be able to cut them up and boil them to make them softer and possibly make some preserves or something. I'm not sure if it will be worth all of the effort. Especially because these pears are a lot smaller than ones you'd buy in a store. But heck, they were free. I might as well try to use them!

After picking some pears I begged RNH to help me put up the hammock that we got as a wedding present. We went down to the pond and put it up there. I laid in that thing for probably almost 2 hours and read my book from the bookswap party. (Which by-the-way. the Book Return party is coming up soon! I gotta get to reading!!!) So I laid in the hammock, despite the heat, and watched the turtles floating in the pond. I stared at them and wished I could be cooled down in the water, and they stared right back wondering what that brightly colored thing hanging from the trees was. It was a perfect way to end the day outside. I can't wait for the temperature to drop a little more. Then I'll be out in that hammock all the time!


  1. Hm...the Sims doesn't sound that exciting! I would rather have the x-box 360!

  2. Yeah, but the SIMS doesn't cost $400!!!

  3. Please save me a jar of those preserves--sounds yummy!!