Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Biltmore- Reisling

Another vineyard I'm dying to visit. I went to the Biltmore when I was young, but really couldn't appreciate it for what it is worth. I'd like to go back as an adult and really take in as much as possible.

To curb my curiosity about the Biltmore's wines, I bought a bottle of Biltmore Riesling. I purchased this bottle at good ol' Wally World for $7.99.
This Riesling was actually not one of my favorites. There is a subtle taste of an oak barrel, which is not my favorite. It has a deliciously tangy bouquet, but is also very dry to the taste. The flavor sets well in the mouth and is a perfect blend of tartness.It is a very well blended chardonnay, just not my "cup of tea."

Hopefully if I am ever able to visit the vineyards there, I'll be able to find my favorite Biltmore wine!
(Yes, that is a tub of worms sitting next to the wine. I'm a wife of a redneck, what could you expect!?!?)


  1. Me too, it made for a pretty bottle! Most of the other bottles are kinda plain... thats why I picked this one to try first! :)

  2. You don't judge a wine by the label you crazy girl!! I like Biltmore's American Zinfandel (Blanc do Noir) and a white wine called Century, also from Biltmore. Very good.