Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dove Hunting, Yet Another Redneck Adventure!

All I have heard about since, well, the end of turkey season from RNH is "September... when September gets here, I'm gonna be in the fields all day... yaddi yaddi yadda." Labor Day rolls around, the very first day of Dove Season. Where is RNH? In Charlotte, the big city, with me. Yup. He could kill me!

But it was the perfect weekend to visit my mom and after talking to some locals, we figured out it was best not to go out on the opening day of Dove Season because everyone and their mother's mother is out there trying to get a kill.

Labor Day comes and goes, but the next day we've got off, RNH heads to the fields. We had scoped out a gameland area because the fields and woods surrounding our house just don't seem conducive to doves. The gamelands are just huge fields where the State of North Carolina Wildlife had planted corn and other yummies that attract dove. The birds are starting their flight towards the warmer regions, and pass through NC on their way. While thinking they've made a pit stop in our wonderful state for some delicious corn, they've really got a target on their back, and the State then is controlling their population. Its a pretty sweet set-up for avid Dove Hunters. But I'm not so sure I want to be one of them. This is why:

Dove's mate for life. For Life. If you shoot one, you gotta shoot the other, otherwise it will live the rest of his life in sadness and despair. Well, at least that's what I imagine. RNH makes this mistake of telling me this one fact about doves, and all of a sudden, I'm completely turned off. I'm a decent shot... when it comes to target practice. But moving birds are a completely different story. I found that out last year when duck hunting. And now the target is smaller, and flying faster. And my heart tells me I have to kill both of them if I'm going to shoot them. And of course I know that's not very likely! So I go out with RNH and decide to see what its like.
We get to the fields and I pull out my hunting license. Expired. DOH! Awww mannnn, that's just tooooo bad. I guess I won't have to be ending some couple's life today.... Geeeez. I'm actually sort of relieved that my license is expired. I walk around the fields behind him and we try to see whats flying. Its blazing hot and we don't see any doves. RNH is pretty disappointed.
I kinda am too. I'd like to see what it's like to get some birds. I'd like to try them and see how they taste. And I'm pretty confident that RNH can kill the couple. Not just one. So for now I'm happy just being the photographer on dove hunting trips. We'll see if once RNH gets him some doves, that I can stomach the thought of a lone dove flying to Mexico, weeping the whole way there of his lost lover. We'll see. It might just depend on how good these birds taste! :)
(Oh, and I forgot the best part of our dove hunting excursion: ripe muscadine grapes on the edge of the field! I was in heaven!!!)

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