Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Duplin Vineyards- Black River Red

Ok, so I've been M.I.A. from the posting world for a bit. That's probably because I've been working, drinking too much wine, and tending to the baby chicks. But that will be for a later post. This one is all about Duplin Vineyard's Black River Red.
It is quite an intriguing bottle because it has a black label compared to most of the other wines they produce; however it is considered a Traditional Duplin. Black River Red is a beautiful blush color in the glass. The muscadines really provide a great aroma of fruitiness. The wine has a bit of a tang to it and is a bit dryer than some of the other muscadine wines. This may be because the wine is a mixture of the sweet muscadine grapes and the Catawba grape. There is a small pucker on the back of the tongue, which is probably attributed to Catawba grape. The Catawba grape has a bit of a musky flavor compared to the sweeter muscadine grapes. This mixture is quite delicious!
This bottle was also a tad bit more expensive than some of the other Duplin wines at Food Lion. This bottle was $8.99 as opposed to $7.99. Hey, every dollar matters!

According to Duplin's website, the wine was pre-released in 2007 and officially released in 2008, so its a relatively newer wine for the mega-muscadine winery.

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