Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ginger Creek Vineyards- Carlos

I picked this bottle of NC-grown muscadine wine from Total Wine in Charlotte for $6.99. I had to wait a day or two to try it at home. I chilled it and got pretty excited to open up the bottle.

Then I was disappointed.

The cork snapped in half. The last time I snapped a cork, was when I was in high school. And it was the first cork I ever tried to get out of a bottle. Therefore, I don't think it was operator-error, I think the bottle was not sealed properly. Thus, the rest of the post. Disappointment.

After busting my rear end to get the cork out, I pour a glass and immediately notice something that is off. The color. The bottle says the muscadine wine derives from Carlos muscadines. Carlos usually have a beautiful, light straw color. This color was a much darker, almost deep gold color. Something was off.

I took a sip. Disappointment. Actually, disgusting is more like it! I checked to see if the date would indicated something was wrong, but nope. It was just bad. Horrible.

RNH agrees with me on this one- we think the bottle was not sealed properly, thus causing the wine to spoil. Don't take this post as warning you to stay away from it. Next time I get to go to a Total Wine, I'll see if they have another bottle and give it a try.

I tried to do some research on the internet about this winery. Apparently it is in the "backwoods" of Taylorsville, NC. They don't have a website or anything. Given this knowledge, I'm thinking there is a very good possibility that it was not sealed correctly.

Give it a try if you ever run across it. I will give it another shot!


  1. Really, I have tried these wines and have found them to be excellant. I think you just got a bad bottle. DId you contact the owner or Total Wine to see if it could be replaced?

  2. You will not find thier wines in Total Wine or any other retail outlet for that matter. The wines you speak of were not stored properly to allow for the cork to remain moist. All wines must be stored properly or they will spoil. Quite a few wineries have discovered this and promptly pulled thier wines from several retail outlets since this occurence. Some of your "references" to the location of Ginger Creek Vinyards are simply untrue. They are the only winery in what is called the "Gateway to the Blue Ridge". As for the comment on them pertaining to a website, how does this exactly effect the quality of thier vintages? Lots of wineries across the world do not have websites. I in fact know of several here in California that have some of the best wines in the world and they do not have websites. I have toured NC wineries and have found Ginger Creek to be one of the best in the state. Thier hospitality and quality is almost unmatched. It really infuriates me to think that someone who calls themselves "Wife of a REDNECK" could ever hope to think they are some kind of an authority on WINES!