Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hinnant Vineyards- Tarheel Red

I'm dying to go to Hinnant Vineyards. They're off the beaten path on the way to the beach. If work allows us to, we are going to try to go to the NC Seafood Festival this weekend. Maybe we can make a pit stop at Hinnant.

Anyways. I tried a bottle of the Tarheel Red. The most disappointing thing about this wine, is that I was already slightly intoxicated and just kept saying "it tastes like candy." It was delicious, and that is all I really remember. I will have to try it again. Food Lion, $7.99.

I also wanted to mention the surprise RNH and I got while walking into the nearby, new Wally World. Right there at the front of the store was a huge kiosk thingy, with Hinnant grapes by the quart! You could chose between "black" and "bronze." Specifically which muscadines these were, I have no clue. But RNH was beside himself and ended up buying a ton. At $4 per quart. Sheesh, I really wish we could get the wild vines in our back yard to start mass-producing. Then we wouldn't have to blow our dough!!!

Anyways, RNH bought a ton and we really enjoyed snacking on them on the way home. A few days later, RNH and I worked together by squeezing out the juice of these succulent grapes... by. hand. It was rough-going!!! But we put the juice and some of the skins in the bucket for the grapes to ferment on. This will help add some color to make a "blush" (at least we're hoping!) RNH had purchased a special bucket last year for making wine, however we weren't able to get muscadine grapes. This year, he was too excited!!!

We're both dying to try the wine, but last year's attempt was not fermented long enough, and not enough sugar was added- making a sour spumante. Not the best in the world!!! We put this year's batch in a closet in the man-room. We never go in that closet, so hopefully we'll forget about it for a while!

It was so much fun being able to buy those grapes in the stores! Maybe next year we'll be able to go down to Silver Coast and get them for $1 per pound!!!

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