Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mail Order Chicks

RNH and I finally built a majority of the chicken coop and I've been trying to hold myself back from ordering chicks.

Finally, I caved in. Only after doing tons and tons of researching.

Its Fall here, usually people don't have a large plethora of baby chicks like they do in the Spring. I'm looking all over our small town, the local farming community, checking with friends, asking RNH's grandma, and everywhere else I can think, but NO ONE has chicks. I call up Southern States and they will order chickens for me, but the minimum order is 15. Um, no thanks. I ask if they purchase the chicks from a local hatchery and they tell me no. They ship them in from Ohio and Texas. Hmmmm... if Southern States can order them, I probably can too!

Oh, I even asked the Doctor of Poultry Science at NC State University. He was extremely helpful, only he called me back the day after I had placed my order.

So anyways, I get on the internet and do some research. I end up finding Meyer Hatchery out of Ohio. I call them up and ask them endless first-timer chicken questions. I am worried sick- how does one ship a chicken???

I hang up the phone a little later, $55 in the hole. Six chicks. Wow.

This is what I received: 6 Rhode Island Reds (this is the specific breed we wanted because this breed is the same RNH's grandma raises.), all female hens/pullets (sexing the chickens costs more, otherwise you'd end up with a mixture, known as straight-run.), all a day-old, all with their Marek Vaccination (it costs $1 per chick), a heater pack was thrown in with them so they'd stay warm (it was not warm when they got to our house!), and were thrown into a box with holes in it (shipping itself, cost $30!!!!) Needless to say, I felt it was a lot of money. After talking to the NCSU professor, when I purchase them again, I'll probably be able to purchase locally and not have to pay shipping!

The chicks were supposed to arrive on a Wednesday. I took that day off work so I could be home when my babys came. The post office was supposed to call when they arrived. On Tuesday morning my cell phone rang. The post man left a voice mail telling me my chicks had arrived (a day early!). I hurriedly put on clothes and was grabbing my keys when the doorbell rang. It was the post man. He had got into his personal vehicle and drove the chicks to my home. He had a stressed look on his face and I think he was just very concerned about the well being of the chicks. I don't think he wanted them to die in his store! I just thought it was awesome that the post man bothered to come to my home for me! It's crazy how it all worked out, because the day I took off- I ended up getting called in anyways!

So the chicks came, RNH and I were home to hang out with them and try to acclimate them to their new surroundings. I put them in a small aquarium with a pine shavings bed.

They bobbed their little heads around and yelled out a continuous "peep peep peep," that is just adorable. They are the cutest little chicks I've ever seen! I'm so excited to have them and really enjoy watching them! They're extremely smart birds and it is amazing to see how quickly they learn. My sister and two nieces came up that night to check them out.

After a few days the birds will be let outside to roam, and then eventually, they'll be put outside into their coop! We just have to finish it first!


  1. I love these chickies! I can't wait to see how much they've grown!

  2. I definitely need to come see them this coming week since we have a bunch of days off (2 in row seems like a bunch to me these days. how sad)

  3. Mrs.C- yes, you'd be really surprised how quick they've grown! I need to post current pics! They had to get a new cage because they were getting so big!

    Skinny- YES! Come on up, just give me a call!