Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bed & Breakfasts Are NOT For Newlyweds!!!

RNH and I decided spur-of-the-moment to head to North Carolina's Seafood Festival in Morehead City this weekend. We decided three days before the major event, that we would attend this year's festival. I began looking for hotels nearby the festival that had vacancies. We wanted a place that was within walking distance so we could thoroughly enjoy the Yuengling tent and Wine Garden. I checked several different major hotel chains on the interent and made a few phone calls before I gave up and realized, they are all booked. I pretty much lost hope in the fact that we'd have a place to stay for the festival. That is until I stumbled upon The Lighthouse Inn. I'm not sure where I found this place, seeing as how it doesn't have a website or anything modern/up-to-date, as far as advertising goes.
I called, a sweet older lady answered. $85 a night? Breakfast included? 10 blocks from the festival? Sweet, we'll take it. I had no clue what I just booked ourselves for.

I quickly did some research on google and (aka the BEST website for traveling EVER!). I found three reviews, 1 bad (saying the place is run-down) and 2 good. Ruh roh. We'll have to see for ourselves!

RNH and I end up making a pit stop at Hinnant Vineyards (which clearly deserves a post of its own!) and we talk with another couple about this so-called B&B we're staying at. I check the time and realize, oh- I told the sweet old lady, we'd be arriving into town right now. My wine-loving-stranger-friend looks at me wide-eyed. "Oh no! You need to call them and tell them you'll be late!" she says. Oh. Oops. I don't know B&B etiquette.

Basically, this is their home. Or it could be. And they are waiting for my arrival. Crap. I call them and let them know, the old lady says its no biggie. Sweet!

We get into Morehead City and I call the sweet, old lady and tell her we'll be arriving in about 10 minutes. She meets us on the front porch with a great southern welcome. She shows us around the gorgeous house and then shows us to our room.

It is .awesome.
We got this entire, huge, mater-bedroom, all to ourselves. For WAY cheaper (like 1/2 price!) compared to staying in a major hotel chain. We might need to stay at these things more often!!! Not only does our master bedroom have a sitting room, but also a great bath, and we get breakfast included in our stay? AWESOME!

Well, again, little do I know about B&B etiquette. Turns out that there are a few other couples staying at the Bed and Breakfast. (Duh about that part!) But I had no idea that there would be another couple in the other half of the upstairs, just a door apart from us. Wow. That means no frisky-business for us newlyweds. (Of course we get slightly intoxicated and make an attempt at it anyways. But the bed is an old wicker one from like the 1920's, and that is not conducive to quiet playtime!!!) The floor does wonders. But if you wake up in the middle of the night to pee, make sure you close the bathroom door. Otherwise everyone in the entire upstairs will hear your business. Each room had their own private bath, yet you could still hear what was going on

Also downstairs, right next to the front door was another bedroom. Every night we came in well past 11pm, and (even tho we tried not to!) we would end up making a huge ruckus. This might be attributed to our state of intoxication, but whatever. I'm sure we woke everyone up in the middle of the night.

Breakfast was another odd situation. The first day RNH and I slept so long we missed everyone at breakfast. The next day, however, I wake up and put some clothes on to have breakfast first, before getting ready for the day. This finds me sitting at a long formal dining room table, eating a cinnamon roll on a beautiful china plate, next to a French diver, his Asian wife, a father/daughter traveling duo, and all of our stank breaths adding to the pleasure. This was awkward. Thank goodness I decided to put some clothes on before walking downstairs! I was obviously the youngest person there, and I'm sure the most hated by everyone in the house. They all knew that I was the one keeping them awake at all hours of the morning, with all sorts of noises.

Overall, the Bed and Breakfast was a wonderful place to stay (especially because it was so CHEAP!), the accommodations were absolutely lovely, and the breakfast was icing on the cake! However, I think that RNH and I are a tad too young (not to mention the newly-wed thing, and the fact that we love to "love!") to be staying in B&B's just yet. I think we'll give it another 40 years before we try again. I highly recommend the Lighthouse Inn however, as well as booking ahead when looking for a hotel room the weekend of the Seafood Festival!!!

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