Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Book List!

Now that summer is over I feel that I should share with y'all a few good reads! Thanks to Mrs.K's book swapping party, I enrolled in the local library and have began reading again! It is a lot more fun to read when you're older and no one is forcing you to! My only problem is that I find a great author, read one or two of their books, getting excited about a third. And then I find out that my small-town library doesn't carry any more books by that author. Grrrr. One bad thing about small towns!!!

Here goes the list, I'll try to give you some info about each one!

Code Name Bikini:
Christina Skye

Thanks to Skinny, who purchased this book at a gas station (???) probably because of the bad-ass cover, on the way to the beach. She labels it an "easy beach read," which it totally is. Guns, cruise ship, beaches, poisonings, with a little romance thrown in- its great! A little over the top at times, but it is definitely an easy read!

Bride Most Begrudging:
Deanne Gist
An author that I wish the library held more of. This book is set in the times of the pioneers and is basically a love story with some Indian drama mixed in. Very good. I really liked this book because the author did a lot of research on the culture of the times. You read about the colonists in middle school history, but you didn't get much of the culture aspect. Times were definitely different then!!!

The Measure of a Lady:
Deanne Gist
I tried reserving this one at the library and typed in "The Measure of a Women." I simply clicked on RESERVE when the book popped up. Thankfully I checked my account and saw what book I had reserved, The Measure of a Women: Living with Osteoporosis. Oooooops. Again, a great read about a love story set in the Gold Rush times of California. I'm still stewing over the fact that the library doesn't have any more of this author!!!
The Wedding:
Nicholas Sparks
Seriously? Do I really need to say anything about this author? I have already read The Notebook and was disappointed by all the hype surrounding the book. It was good but not that great. I thought the movie sucked too. Anyways, Nichols Sparks is just an awesome author. My favorite thing about his books is that they're set in North Carolina- usually New Bern (the home of Pepsi Cola, what! what!). I love the way he describes a setting because he will loose you in the story. You are .there. Awesome. I just reserved the second book he wrote, Message In a Bottle, and will hopefully continue reading the rest!

Eat, Pray, Love:
Elizabeth Gilbert

The idea behind the book is neat. Seek total satisfaction in Italy by eating your way through the country. Seek enlightenment or whatever in India by praying your way through the country... and then you loose me. Okay, maybe I'll skip ahead to the Love section of the book. I just couldn't do it. I put the book down one day and never opened it back up. I was told that I didn't miss a thing. If you're anything like me, I'd skip this read.

Julie & Julia:
Julie Powell
The ever-famous movie that was out this summer. I was told the movie wasn't half-bad. The book sucked. Sorry, I just really didn't care for it. If you know a lot about french cooking and have an appreciation for it, you may want to read it. I just wasn't entertained the way I wanted to be. I will, however, watch the movie when it goes to the dollar-theatre (do we have one of those around here???), just because I read the book. Je ne sais pas, mais je ne l'adore.

We Bought a Zoo:
Benjamin Mee
No really, they did! A British lunatic (he would say so himself!) living in France, moved back to Great Britain to purchase a failing zoo. A pretty neat book that will open your eyes to the way a zoo is run, the restrictions that go along with them, and it may even make you tear up as he looses his wife to a long battle with cancer. The book wasn't all that entertaining, but I love animals and zoos, and I found it to be interesting... especially when the scary jaguar gets out of its cage!!!

Running With Scissors:
Augusten Burroughs

This book made me laugh-out-loud, LOL. No really, seriously it did! The main character in this book is very odd, and experiences very odd things in life, which make it hilarious! I definitely wouldn't let my young daughter read this book, as the gay boy tells in graphic detail, some of his sexual experiences... yuck! A good, easy read.
Marley & Me:
John Grogan

I still don't have a dog, and I'm trying to curb my desire by reading books about them. Actually this one was sitting in the front of the library and I couldn't pass up the cute little puppy on the cover! This book was great, and of course I cried when the dog died. Now I have to see the movie! And I have to get a dog!
Falling for Mr. Wrong:
Caroline Urcher

I honestly can't remember much about this book. It was good. Sorry, no help here.
The Smart One & The Pretty One:
Claire Lazebnik

I've read two of her books now, love them! And of course, the library doesn't have anymore. Grrr! This book is about two sisters, obviously one is smart and one is pretty. If you have a sister, read this. Its great. I almost want to give it to my sister for a present, but I don't think she reads that much. It will make you love and appreciate your sister even more than you already do. This is a good one!

Knitting Under the Influence:
Claire Lazebnik

Another great one. Three girls, all intertwining love stories. Its funny and very good!


  1. I want to give my sister that book with a note that says, "I'm the smart one and the pretty one." I might do it for Christmas! (and then get her a real present)

  2. Haha she'd get a kick out of that! Just as long as you give her a real present too!!!