Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Digging Dreams

I NEVER dream. Well maybe I do and I just don't remember them. You know how women always say they dream when they're preggers. I figured I would just dream then, no need to dream now. Except I had one last night that I remember vividly. Thankfully it wasn't scary. Just weird.

I was raking leaves (??? why???) with Skinny somewhere at work. It wasn't our yard. Not even sure why we were doing it. But as we raked some leaves back, we immediately saw human teeth. It was a skeleton!!!

Skinny and I immediately started examining the teeth and bones. It was definitely a male. Definitely. Huge teeth, huge mandible. We were discussing everything like we already knew what we were talking about. We immediately notified our supervisors who were impressed with our knowledge and put us on the "job." Skinny and I set up our own archaeological dig and began working on preserving this body and trying to figure out who he was and why he was dead. It was a very high profile case. And then the dream ended.

I have no clue if we ever figured out "who dunnit" and all that good stuff. Who knows, we may have been promoted for our hard work and dedication to the case. Or we could have found a suspect and then lived our lives in fear of the suspect coming after us. I'm not sure. I tried to go back to sleep to find out what happened but it didn't work. It was like a mystery novel going on in my brain! Cool!

This is the main reason why I think I dreamed something kind of creepy. I watched Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Meyers last night. I have never seen any of the Halloweens. I was only 5 when #4 came out, my best friend down the street got to watch them, but my parents would never let me. So my childhood dream partially came true last night. Maybe I should have watched 1-3 first, but RNH filled me in on the details and said that each movie is mostly the same.

So pair a creepy move and my basic knowledge on archaeology, and voila! A dream! In 2005 I actually got to participate on an archaeological dig on a small island of 7,000 people in the West Indies of the Caribbean. I made that sound special, but really I just paid a lot of money and studied abroad, and archaeology was the reason for that trip.

We worked on an island called Carriacou, where most of the people there had never spoken to white people, and thought we were digging for gold. They hated us for a long time until we were able to reach out to them and educate them. We were trying to learn about their history!

The Caribs were the first people to inhabit the island, and it was those people that we were basically "digging up!" We uncovered several important artifacts and had 3 burials going while I was there. A male, female and child. It was pretty crazy because none of us college kids could work on a burial by ourselves. We had to have the burial specialist, from Sweden, there working with us and showing us what to do. I remember her handing me this brush with very fine bristles and telling me to rotate the brush in my fingers so that the brushes swirl around. She told me to work on the mouth area of this body. It was weird. Who brushes someone's teeth, years after their dead, with a fluffy brush? That's basically what Skinny and I were doing in my dream. The specialist was extremely knowledgeable in the Carib culture and explained to me that the people would bury their dead, sitting upright, in a fetal position. As they decomposed, the skull and its bones would eventually fall into the dead's lap, causing the bones to be mixed up. Had she not known that, it would have looked like the people chopped up the bodies and just threw them in a hole. Yuck! There were also tiny beads found in the grave site. She told me that the people would often be buried with the "finer" things that they owned as part of their culture and religion. Pretty cool!

And who would have thought it might add to my dream years down the road?!?! (And I don't have pictures of the skeletons we worked on, on my computer... dANGit!)
On an unrelated note: today is my 26th birthday. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I felt that being 25, I still might be able to pull off going to a college bar or wearing a slutty outfit (not that I do that anymore) BUT I still felt like I could pull it off. Now that I'm 26, I feel that I'm THAT much closer to 30. Holy depression.


  1. Try being one year closer to 30 and not being married or even having any prospects! And my dog peed on my couch while I was sleeping on it the other night! Dogs are sometimes NOT that great! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

  2. At least your one year closer to 30 and not going through a divorce! Haha, I can always find the good in something! Seriously tho, there are many girls out there now going through divorces so young... And I'm uuber jealous of Pati. If you ever need a break from her urination issues, just let me know! I'll gladly take her! But she might have to end up being a garage-dog!!! EW- I just re-read... did she pee on you!?!?!