Monday, October 26, 2009

THE Extravaganza!

I've been M.I.A for a week now! That's because after we came back from the Extravaganza, we hit the ground running with work, company, State Fair, etc etc. Now we're settled down a bit and I've got the entire week off! YES! (Except for working Halloween night.. CRAP!) But I will update you on the Extravaganza. The Extravaganza was exactly that! An Extravaganza!!!

We woke up early (early for our working schedules!) around 1pm, and headed off to the mountains. But the important thing was that Mrs. K showed up with the most awesome wedding gift ever. It will be mentioned at a later date. But she also showed up with the ever-exciting t-shirts!!! SO cool and eighties-ish! We all donned our t-shirts and away we went!

The ride up was cut in half by a quick stop at Buck Shoals Vineyard. Also mentioned at a later post. And if I don't get around to the post sooner than later, just take my word for it here, and don't go. It wasn't that great.
We arrived in Boone, North Carolina, along with all the other tourists of our great country and their mother's mother. Yup, we were all there. We headed to the beloved KOA Kampground first to check in. I was in heaven. The KOA is nestled into the mountain side, up a country road, and surrounded by cows. Lovely. The people who work there welcomed us with friendly smiles and were the most helpful! We checked into our kabins, exactly like the kabins we stayed in at the KOA in Shallotte, and we felt right at home! Then it was time to scrounge for food! Boone isn't a huge town, and we opted for Ruby Tuesdays. The croutons there- to die for. That night we hung around a tiny campfire and drank some beers. We checked in around 1am, excited for what the next day would bring!
The morning's weather was pretty much what we expected- cloudy and drizzling. Yuck. We ventured out anyways because we're troopers! We headed for the Blue Ridge Parkway after a warm meal of oatmeal and hot drinks. I heart the BRP. If I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for those BP license plates, I might consider it. Either that or the coastal one. Can't decide. Luckily, I'll never have to.

Anyways- we took off to mile marker 208.4, my favorite spot on the Parkway- Rough Ridge Overlook, elevation: 4,293.

Off we went up the mountain side! The bridge at the beginning of the trail shows you that you're not going to regret the steep trek. I think it was 2006, I actually took my sister's engagement pictures on this same trail. They turned out awesome (although I don't want to brag!) , I wish I had them on the computer so I could post one on here.
Its the most beautiful time in the mountains where all the leaves are changing colors. Peak season. Actually the higher level elevations have already shed their leaves.

The top is cold, a tad bit windy, but so worth it!

After our hike, we warm up with some delicious Japanese and head back to the KOA so people could nap if they wanted to. RNH and I decided to go check out the KOA's chickens. Yes, the KOA has chickens. I am beyond excited. When I see the chickens, I quickly realize that they have Rhode Island Reds!!! These are the grown-ups of the chickens I have!!! YESSSSS! I took a bunch of pictures that didn't come out and almost ignored the baby goats they had. It was awesome.

We also played a game of checkers in the KOA camp store (I won!) and watched a little bit of the Appalachian State University's football game that was on TV in the KOA game room. Then we took a hike up through the hillside. We came across a bald that had a creepy grave yard and tons of cow patties.
After the fun adventure we showered and met Mrs.K and her hubby outside the cabins for dinner. We were headed to THE Dan'l Boone Inn. O.M.G. We waited in line for an hour (yes, you can tell it was peak tourist season!). I personally think it was worth the wait. Others (ahem, RNH) didn't think it was that great and didn't see what the hype was all about. We were seated in a lovely Chicken-themed room and our server a nice girl named Olga, from Belarus. Dinner was delish!
Then we head back to the KOA to have a little fun. Out comes the vodka, 100 proof Captain Morgans' (YES they make such a thing!), a ton of firewood, and... of course the camera!

Needless to say, that night made the extravaganza, an EXTRAVAGANZA! And the 3 hour ride home the next day, we spent pulling over every-so-often to yaak on the side of the road. I wasn't puking but almost wishing I was... just to feel better somehow!

Anyways, the trip was fun and I can't wait for L.A.K.E. 2010!!!


  1. Missed ya!! Glad you had such a great time!! Looks like a BLAST!!!!

  2. CamoGal, if you ever come to NC, try to make it to the mountains in October- the leaves= MAGNIFICANT!!!