Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Louisiana Purchase... But Not Really....

RNH and I bought our home a bit over a year ago. At the time we had the opportunity to purchase the home + 30 acres, or the home + 5 acres. At the time we couldn't afford the whole thing, so we did the latter. Now that some time has passed, we inquired about the land and how much it would cost. We were thinking that the owners are tired of having land just sitting there, when they don't even live in this state and can't enjoy it, and they're having to pay the taxes on it.

RNH and I have been able to enjoy this land as if it were ours. We've got rights to hunt on it, but we can't really do anything to it since its not ours. We're not talking about doing much, we'd just like to clear-cut a few trees and do some food plots for turkeys, quail, dove, etc for hunting purposes.

After being able to spend time exploring these woods, we've learned that there are a total of about five vehicles parked in the woods. Not just parked, but abandoned. Most of the vehicles are from the eighties and several of them have small, thin trees growing up through them. The cars and trucks are located together, about 100 yards from the pond and they're pretty much out of the way. We rarely go to that side of the pond because it is too shallow for fishing and it is on the edge of the property, close to our neighbor's backyard. There really is no reason to go to that area of the woods. We're hoping that we can use these vehicles to our advantage. We're hoping to be able to talk the sellers down because of these cars. Either make it cheaper, or make the cars disappear. Removing these cars would be a pretty big ordeal. Not only would you have to cut the trees out of the cars and trucks, but you'd have to cut trees down in order to get a tow truck back there. If we can talk the seller down, we more-than-likely will never remove the cars. We don't really care about them being there, so why pay a ton of money to have them removed?

The lender and I have been playing phone-tag and I'm pretty anxious to get in touch with him. I'm not worried about being approved for the loan, since I was approved for it the first time around, and I've been a Nazi about paying my mortgage on time. The thing I'm worried about is being land-rich and money-poor.

If we buy this land, things will not necessarily be "tight," but we won't be able to just head to the beach for the weekend because we want to. We'd have to plan ahead of time and save up for it. (Which really isn't a bad thing!) But let's say I get preggers by accident. That kid will learn to be a redneck quickly because it will not have the finer things in life! Or lets say, my truck breaks down. I won't be able to afford that lovely Chevy Colorado that I'd like to drive. (I'd love to have a Silverado, but I there really is no reason to have two full-size trucks in the family!) These things are what I've been trying to figure out. I want to be smart with this decision and I've been praying about it.

The other problem is paying for the closing costs. We took the new home-buyer's incentive (yeah... thanks Obama- the only good thing he's done for me!), and this may be what we use to pay for the closing costs. I wanted to use this money as our family "cushion." Just in case something happens, we'd have a decent amount of money to lean back on. But we've already blown through a large chunk of it, purchasing a gun safe and other "necessities!"

I'm just super anxious about my phone call to the lender tomorrow and I can't wait to hear what he has to say. I really hope he has good news for me. Otherwise RNH might keep having dreams that someone is building a driveway between us and the neighbors because they've built a house behind the pond. That was actually a dream/nightmare that he had! If someone moves in behind us, we're G.O.N.E!


  1. I'd get a quote from someone on how much they would charge to remove the cars and tow them to the scrapyard. That way you can take the quote to the family and justify reducing the price. You also might want to tow them since you'd get cash for the scrap metal. Just ideas... good luck with your decision!

  2. I hope you do it. I mean, I'm pretty house poor and I love it but I can see where you're coming from with surprise expenses.

  3. Mrs. K- Good idea!!! I wonder if tow companies do estimates??? Annnd we'd be able to MAKE money off scrapping the cars. Should I owe you money for your advice??? Hahahhaa!

  4. Duuuude Skinny, if this works out, I'll be house poor with ya! We can sit around and wallow in our poorness while we eat canned goods and try to knit ourseleves a somewhat stylish sweater... Hahha! :)