Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My New Baby!

I've been wanting this thing for YEARS now. And I finally got it.
The Canon EOS Rebel XSi. WOOP WOOP! I have been saving for quite some time, and I finally had the money! I wasn't exactly planning for spending $904, however. I looked all around and found the camera at Best Buy for $50 off, making it $699.99. YES!!! I hesitated because I usually buy all of my cameras from Wolf Camera. I .heart. Wolf Camera. They helped me out one time when I was leaving the country and my camera broke. They just gave me a new one. Awesomeness! I love their warranties.
But then comes Best Buy's Geek Squad. For $149, I am covered for 4 years. Thats for ANYTHING, even if I drop it in the swamp. It doesn't cover theft of course. At Wolf Camera, I was going to end up paying $100 every year to keep a warranty with coverage like that. I was sold on Best Buy, breaking my loyalty.

So the final cost: $904. YIIKES! I've got money left in this month's checking, and I'll probably dip into next month's checking too, so I don't touch my savings. Oops. I was thinking I would walk in and out, refusing that warranty. Geek Squad got me!

Here are a few test shots with the new camera. I couldn't help myself. Everything is in the "Auto" mode, so these pictures are mostly showing off the clarity of the camera, and how "smart" the camera is. I'm doing some reading and Skinny is going to help me (she is the master-picture-taker herself!) learn about the camera and take better pictures with it. I can't wait. During the boring parts of hunting season I'll still be shooting! :) Enjoy!


  1. AWESOME!!!!! Beautiful pictures!! Enjoy your new baby!!

  2. Ha ha, I'd hardly call myself a master picture taker! I just found a good website before you did! You are going to love love love it and become more obsessed.

  3. Thanks Camo Gal!!!

    Skinny, I'm already obsessed... badly! Can't wait to "talk camera" with you... haha WOW that was dorky!!!