Tuesday, October 27, 2009

North Carolina State Fair

As I'm sure you can tell, I love my state, and I love Fall. The month of October is super awesome because of a million things. But just a few are: the leaves changing colors, cooler weather, my birthday, and... THE STATE FAIR!!!

Mom and I have been going together for the past 6 years. Its been a tradition! We get together to celebrate our birthdays. We pretty much go over every inch of the fair, except for the ride part. We don't care for them because we'd rather not die. Yes, I said "die." Because people die on those things. Well usually its the carnies, but whatever. I'm not taking my chances!!!

This year we drug RNH along but made sure he had his own car so he could leave as he pleases.

There is an area of the fair that depicts an era of time that RNH wishes he lived in. Me too I guess! In this area you can sit and listen to awesome bluegrass bands,

you can check out the real workings of a blacksmith,

eat kettle corn (my favorite treat at the state fair!), visit a working tobacco barn, watch tobacco stringing contests, go through a gristmill and eat hushpuppies, watch a man make a rocking chair from wood, and all sorts of things from "Yesteryear."
I did all of those things above and more... Here are just a few:
I went looking for the bathroom, and found this: I got to pretend I was Goldilocks and sit in Papa Bear's chair,
admire someone else's tractor and wish it was mine,
see my favorite cows, and their babies, Belted Galloways, caught a goat sleeping on his job... I guess the State Fair wears him out as much as it does me!
I got to admire sheep, turkey, cattle, and pork that are going to look real lovely sitting on my dinner table some day. Really Harris Teeter? Really??? They always buy all the good meats. I guess thats why RNH likes them!
We sooo want your cousins you turkey!!! And we're gonna get them... we hope!
I also got to stand next to a ginormous roo!
I then proceeded to stuff my face with ice cream from North Carolina State University (only the BEST, GO PACK!),
and then stuff my pie-hole with deep fried pecan pie. Goodness gracious it was GOOD!
And then had the pleasure of watching some skinny bitch dance her life away on stage, making me immediately regret my past food decisions. JUST kidding! First of all, she's not a bitch- its Julianne Hough! She's awesome! Annnd its the State Fair, the only time you really get to gorge yourself on grossness and it be okay! Mom and I make sure we try something new deep fried every year! Her favorite so far has been deep fried pickles. Mine had been deep fried Reeses Cups. The worst: deep fried macaroni and cheese, maybe because it was still frozen in the middle... Can't wait for next year's treat- maybe deep fried pizza!

I .heart. the NC State Fair. It is THE way to celebrate your birthday!

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