Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rock of Ages Winery- Flat River White

Today is the opening day of DUCK SEASON!!! RNH couldn't be more happy! I'm pretty excited too, except for the fact that it means more of the waking up at 5am to get out their early.
Anyway. In honor of Duck Season opening, I figured I'd mention a wine and take fun festive pictures of it.

Flat River White is a delicious straw-colored muscadine cultivated and created in the heart of Hurdle Mills, NC. The wine is actually named after a local river, Flat River. The wine is light, full bodied and of course, delicious! Enjoy!

Yes, this is my brand new shower curtain in our bathroom. Yes, I am a redneck. Yes, I am retarded. Go drink yourself some wine and it will all make sense, at least that's what I do! :)


  1. Sounds good to me, girlfriend!! :D

  2. This makes me want to crack open my bottle of blackberry wine and drink while I take my midterm. I might do it. It also makes me wish I had bought some of the cork and pork bbq wine.

  3. Ummm with your midterm? Good idea??? Prolly not... Hahaha! Oh! And I learned a good chocolate-paired-with-wine thing!!! Remind me to tell you about it! And yes, I need some Cork & Pork too. Maybe we should just go back... for the Cork & Pork Festival!!!