Thursday, October 8, 2009


RNH and I have really enjoyed watching our beautiful ladies grow. There is one, however, that seems to be growing faster than the rest. We've been watching her closely. Something just isn't right.
Her comb is way bigger than the other pullets, it is a darker red color, and she seems to be bullying a few of the other hens around.

Waiiiiiit a minute. Nah... Can't be.

Oh wait. Yes. It's true. The she is a he. The pullet is a cockerel. Awesome.

Yup. I've got it confirmed. I recently joined a chicken website forum for chicken-lovers, Backyard Chickens. Actually I think its mostly for city-dwellers that are raising chickens for the first time (at least judging by the hoity-toity coops all of them have... buuuut, the website is really awesome for first-time-chicken-ers. I love it.

I posted a question on the forum with pictures of our chicken-in-question. Is it a pullet or cockerel? I got about 5 instant messages. Yup, its a roo!

(A pullet)
(The chicken-in-question!)

We're not mad, we're not excited. We're confuzzled. Not really sure what to do. You can eat fertilized eggs, it just heightens your chance of a blood-spot or almost-born chick being tossed into your frying pan for an early morning breakfast. There is also the chance of having chicks, which isn't a bad idea, as long as we don't have too many. I'm assuming my chicks may die or get killed, so being able to reproduce isn't a bad thought. Also I've read that a rooster can be very good for keeping out predators. They're loud, bossy, and protective. This "mistake" roo, who I've named "Roo" so far, may be a blessing. Only time will tell!

And only time will tell if my neighbors will hate his all-day crowing festivities. The roo down the street doesn't bother me one bit. And if they don't like it, too bad. Suck it up, you live in the country. If you hate it, MOVE! :)
(And check out all of the feathers they are getting! My little babies are growing up! *Tear*)


  1. I'm crying! I've missed their formative years--as their "Nana" I wanted to make an impact on their little lives---oh boo hoo, boo hoo!!! :)

  2. I'm sorry Nana!!! But they're chickens, so they're pretty stupid... I'm sure you'll still be ablt to make an impact! And SOON! Can't WAIT!!! xoxo!

  3. I can't believe I still haven't seen them. I am a terrible friend.

  4. I know you are! J/k J/k!!! Nah, there's not really any "baby-excitement" to them anymore. Now they're in that ugly teenage-akward stage now!!! But you're still more-than-welcome to come up, just give me a call!