Friday, October 9, 2009

We Are Not Zombies...

It is almost here. The Extravaganza of a life time!!! I'm super excited because myself, RNH, Mrs.K, and her hubby, are taking a trip to the mountains next weekend. We are calling it an "Extravaganza," because it will be exactly that!

We're heading to Boone, NC to see the leaves changing colors. We've got tentative plans that include a winery, going on a few hikes, eating "family style" at the most DELISH Daniel Boone Inn, drinking a good amount of beer on the front porch of our kabins, building a campfire, and other fun mountain-y things... all while... we wear extravaganza t-shirts.

I think it was actually RNH's idea, and Mrs.K took it and went with it! She is making us 80's style t-shirts to wear all weekend! They are Hi-larious. We decided that no matter where we stop, we will all have to go together. Gas station? Pee break? Run in for a quick drink? We're all there. Everyone will wonder Hmmmm is there an extravaganza in town this weekend? Am I missing something? Man, they look like they're going to be having fun- I need to check the newspaper and see what the big deal is.

The zombie thing is kind of hard to explain. Basically RNH and Mrs.K's hubby have this weird fascination with zombies. And we want people to know that we are not zombies. So for the guys, "We are not zombies" will be written on the back. Yes, I know. Weird. But hilarious- if you were there!

Yes. Trips are cool. But with a t-shirt, they're even better! Can't wait to see the shirts Mrs.K! We are going to have a BLAST!!!


  1. WOW! Sounds like such a great time!! I would love to go somewhere and watch the leaves changed... In east Texas it just seems to go from green to dead in the winter! LOL

  2. It is BEAUtiful! But Texas is pretty awesome too! I went out there once to do a hike in Big Bend National Forest- one of the most AWESOME experiences in my life! It was incredible! I would love to go back out there again but it was a 30 hour drive!!!

  3. Uh, you guys are WEIRDOS! I'm jealous, we saw some of the leaves changing on 85 in the hilly parts of GA and SC and it looked really pretty. I bet Boone is going to be awesome.

  4. Awww fun Skinny! I bet that was pretty! Shoooot I'm jealous of your adventure in the ATL!