Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We Have Gnats!!!

And they're DRUNK!!!

Ok, this might be T.M.I, but after sharing my chicken-poo-stuck-on-my-foot story, I figured this also might provide some entertainment!

Lately I have seen gnats in the house. I'm sure everyone has left some stinky garbage in their home before, or forgotten to clean out the sponge holder on your sink, and magically these annoying little bugs appear. This has happened to me before, but usually it means I was gone for the weekend and left something smelly in the house. The gnats always seem to come with a funky smell.

This time, they magically appeared for seemingly no reason. Until one day, RNH comes popping around the corner waving his hands in the air. He was catching a little gnat in his hand. "Look!" he says- he's got a tiny little fly squished in his hand. With a red juicy trail coming out from behind it. I've squashed a many gnat, and they never "bleed." Then he says "smell it!" I hesitated, but then stuck my nose near the little bug. It smelled sweet... like muscadines!!!

As I mentioned before, we're making wine. Muscadine wine. RNH is trying his hand at it for the first time with scuppernongs. We hand-pressed as much juice as we could and then put it in a bucket with yeast. The yeast has to have oxygen to be able to breathe, so he drilled two holes in the top of the bucket. The wine also needs to be kept at a decent temperature. The garage would seem like a perfect place, but at the beginning of this month, it was horribly hot. Now its the middle of the month and its terribly cold. We figured that RNH's "man-room" would be the best place for the wine to sit. Its even in the closet.

Yet somehow, these sneaky little annoying bugs, find their way to the wine, drink it and get drunk! Gnats are a common thing with wine-making. If you ever visit a vineyard during harvest, gnats are EVERYWHERE! Fortunately we just have a small amount of wine, otherwise these little bugs might be terrible. RNH says that if you watch the gnats in flight, they're drunk-flying. I'm not really sure about this because I've never studied the flight path of a gnat. I'll just take his word for it!

We keep a clean house (at least I think!), its just occasionally, I see a gnat hovering around. And then it reminds me... we're going to have wine. So I don't mind!

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