Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wine Galore!

RNH and I got very excited to get to the "Got to be NC" part of the NC State Fair. There is a tent full of free samples of foods, all which are produced in North Carolina. An area nearby also displays the wines of North Carolina, and the results of a competition amongst the NC wineries.

I wasn't shocked to see the obvious large wineries win several of the awards, Biltmore, Duplin, Childress and Hinnant Vineyards.
But I was surprised to see that Cypress Hill Vineyards took a LOT of medals!!! This winery is close to RNH's home town so we are hoping to be able to visit soon. And from these awards, it looks like it will be worth the trip! I also inquired about the tastings and judgings that occur weeks before the NC State Fair. I wanted to participate! Not that I know how to judge or anything like that, I just wanted the free samples!!! I was told that there is nothing like that so far- it is a private judging and tasting, but I was also told that it is a very common interest for people, so who knows, maybe it will be offered in the upcoming years!

Here are a few other things produced in North Carolina:

Mt. Olive Pickles, Texas Pete Sauce, Pepsi, Autry Breadings, Nature's Own, Cheerwine, Krispy Kreme, Bojangles, Golden Corral and CookOut!

On a different note about wine, RNH and I got a wedding present from Mrs.K and her hubster. The coolest (literally!) wedding present ever:

How coooool is that?!?! A total surprise and totally AWESOME! We're wine nuts, and it is the perfect gift for us! Now RNH wants to make some sort of "wine furniture" to build and put it on. We'll see! I LOVE IT! Thanks Mrs.K!!!

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