Monday, November 23, 2009

Drake's First Boat Ride

RNH and I were supposed to go back out after a morning hunt. But I just wasn't feeling it. I was exhausted and it was insanely warm. I knew the birds wouldn't be flying much. We had left the boat and the decoys on the river and I decided to take Drake down to the river to get the boat and bring it back to where we usually keep it. Since I'm not the smartest person in the world, I didn't bring waders. I was just wearing boots. Drake and I made it to the boat pretty successfully. Although at one point I had to pick him up and cross a fallen tree. It was like walking across a balance beam and if I fell off, there was at least 3 feet of water on either side. I had to plan to fall, so that if I fell my first reaction would be to save the dog and not myself. He's still too young to swim.

Earlier he jumped into a deep part of water and his head went under. He got his first taste of swamp water, that's for sure! He was a lot more careful after that!

Once we made it to the boat, Drake acted as if he had already done this. "No biggie" he seemed to say. I placed him in it and we drifted down river together, sharing a seat.

At one point it began to rain pretty steady and I took off my jacket to hide my camera. Drake tried to get under it too!

Our goal of this boat outing was to get the boat, pick up the decoys from another part of the swamp, and then take the boat to its usual spot. Well, I didn't think things through all the way. As we were almost to the decoys, I realize that in order to pick up the decoys, we're going to have to get through the reeds. Usually to get through them, the water is shallow so I simply get out of the boat and push the boat through them. This time I didn't have waders on. Oops.
With the rain and everything going on, I decide to try our luck. I shove the boat full tilt into the reeds. It stops. I have to stand up in the boat and use both paddles to push from the back of the boat. I even tried to get out of the boat a few times, each time soaking my boots. I push us to a tree and I swing up onto the tree, and kick at the boat, getting it to nudge along. All of this is happening while Drake is in the boat. "Mommy, WHAT are you doing???" I don't think he was too fond of my James Bond/Indiana Jones impersonations. After several minutes of rigorous boat pushing, we broke free into the open swamp water.

We picked up the decoys and eventually RNH walks over in his waders. He had been hunting nearby but didn't know we had been in such distress! He told me the ducks weren't flying and he was ready to go in. At least this time I made him push us through any mucky parts!

Needless to say, Drake's first boat ride was quite and adventure but he really seemed to enjoy it!


  1. YES!!! Its supposed to rain tomorrow. Lets pick a day soon- this weekend?!?!

  2. Does this dog understand what kind of a home he's been welcomed into?? If he emails me and asks for a rescue or intervention, I'm there for him!! Very funny!!