Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Dress- WR

Maybe I should have mentioned this at the beginning, or maybe you have already figured this out: I am a penny-pincher. I love saving money. Like I'm obsessed with it. For these, and other reasons, I wanted to borrow my sister's wedding dress.

She was beautiful. I mean, magnificent. The dress made her a fairy-tale bride. I loved it on her, so I thought maybe I would love it on me too? And maybe, just maybe, I could be a pretty as she was on her big day!
Everyone thought I was crazy, but aren't you supposed to have something borrowed?

My mom and sister suggested against it, and in hind-sight, I'm glad I had my own. I loved it, and it was perfect and special for my big day!

I knew pretty much exactly what I wanted. I wanted a dress very similar to my sister's, but also different. Her dress was ivory and I wanted white. I also wanted a tad bit more sparkle than hers. I knew where I would get my dress from- the same place she did- Group USA in Concord Mills Mall. My mom, sister and I all went dress shopping. This is the only store we went to for dresses. When I walked in, I knew the dress was "it" when I saw it. I put it on, and of course it made my mom cry. So that told me right then and there, that was it! I tried on a few others, but was sold. I think we bought the dress that day. (I had over a year-long engagement, it wasn't like we were in any sort of rush!) The final cost of my dress: $480. Nice.

I thought the dress fit pretty well, but was talked into getting alterations. I didn't really feel that they were needed, but they have an alterations lady at Group USA. She is very familiar with the dresses there because they are the only wedding dresses she does. She came in and looked at the dress and made suggestions. Boob cups (I wanted them to make it more filled out of course!), a bussel (duh!- not sure if I spelled that right!), and she suggested taking up the dress a tad to make it look like I was "floating" as well as taking it in at the waist to give me more of a figure (which is always nice!) I'm glad I was talked into the alterations thing, it really made the dress what it was. The final damage on the alterations: $220. O.u.c.h. However, shocker! coming from me, I think it was money well spent!

As you can probably already tell, I'm a pretty big tom-boy. However on my wedding day, I wanted to be exactly the opposite. I wanted to be a princess, for the first time in my life. So, I had to have a tiara! And again, the money was totally worth it- I think it was around $60. I also got a veil to tuck in the back of my hair. I didn't want one that went over my face. I think it was elbow-length, and cost about $50. It added elegance to my total look. Each of these items we bought at Group USA because they worked very well with the dress, and I could everything on at the same time in the store! (By the way- they have the BEST customer service back in the wedding dress section!)
Something that helped save money- I took out a Group USA credit card and saved about 15% on the dress. Then they sent a 15% off coupon that I used to purchase the veil and tiara.

And this the help I got on the big day, putting the dang thing on!

I love love LOVE my dress! I felt like a princess because of it. It wasn't too hot that night, and I didn't feel weighed-down by its puffiness. I ended up taking off the crinoline (which was my something borrowed from my sister!) because it was just too hot! My dress is now sitting in my closet. I don't want it to go in a box. I'd like to do something neat with it. Any suggestions?

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