Thursday, November 19, 2009

Duplin Vineyards- Scuppernong Jelly

As I'm sure you're well aware, I am obsessed with anything Scuppernong. The grapes themselves are delicious, and the wine makes the fruit even better. It tastes like candy and gets you drunk! Wow!

But maybe you don't like wine? Maybe wine is to girly for you boys to drink. Maybe the wine is too pricey. Maybe you have small children and can't drink often. Maybe you don't want to make it a habit like me? Well, I've got a solution. You too can enjoy the goodness of scuppernongs in Duplin's Scuppernong Jelly!!!
It is absolutely fabulous! I made some buttery farm biscuits this morning, while RNH made hashbrowns from scratch. Then topped the biscuits off with Duplin's jelly and we were set!
I think a jar is about $4 and you can order it online. Several other vineyards also sell their own jellies. Check them out and try them! You too can enjoy scuppernongs! :)