Sunday, November 22, 2009

Guest Post: Chloe

Please welcome my first guest post!!! Her name is Chloe and she is the queen kitty of our household. She is a 2 year old grey and black Tabby cat. A native to Harnett County, NC she enjoys taking long naps, watching the autistic lady across the street watch her, playing with her toys, scratching up the furniture, dreaming of laser pointers, and laying on her mom and dad's shoulder's while they type at the computer. Please welcome her!

Hey y'all. As my mommy said, my name is Chloe. She did get the Queen part right, but I'm not feeling that way much anymore. My days used to be lovely. I did whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I wasn't bothered, I wasn't bugged. Yes, some may say I lived a life of boredom, but it was exactly what I wanted.

One day my mom came home with a huge fluffy pillow. My mom hasn't bought me anything really special in a long while, other than my corner litter box, and I just knew this was way too big to be for me. I also noticed a huge bag of food that smelled nothing like anything I'd ever want.

The next day, my mom comes home with this huge furball in her arms. She sets him down and then I realize, to my greatest fears, that my parents have brought home a dog. A real-live d.o.g.
Now my days are filled with hiding. I can't sit on the couch in the sun light and wave at the autistic lady across the street. Oh how I miss her. I rarely sleep on my my mom's lap and watch Housewives of Orange County anymore- I mean how do I know what crazy thing Vicki is up to now? I don't even know who has survived The Ruins, and I terribly miss Michael Scott and Stewie. My life is in ruins. I can't even sit on the floor and dine on my dinner anymore. I have to sit on the bar table.
When I least expect it, when I'm minding my own business, forgetting that there is a new terror in the house, that little rascal runs around the corner and pins me down... WITH HIS TEETH! I hate him. Oh the misery. He wants to eat me!!! Not only that but the dang thing can't figure out where to use the bathroom, and he pulls on my mom and dad's clothes. I think the worst part about it, is that they spend all of their time with him now. They take him outside and love on him. They give him praises when he comes in from outside and they buy him all sorts of new things.

I'm just not sure what is going on anymore. My life has been turned upside down!!! Hopefully y'all will find me in better spirits next time I appear on my mommy's blog.
With love and whiskers,

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  1. Poor Chloe--your Nana will always love you and I got you something special for Christmas! Love and kisses! Nana