Monday, November 30, 2009

Invitation Envelopes- WR

I guess you can call me a tradition-hater. Not really, just on some traditions. Like wedding envelopes. I didn't realize this until I got into reading wedding magazines and websites, but it is tradition and most-formal to use two envelopes to address someone on a wedding invitation. If you're addressing your grandparents, lets say, the first "outer" envelope says something like, Mr. and Mrs. John Doe. And the "inner" envelope says, John and Jane Doe. Or something along those lines.

I just don't. get. it.

For those green people out there- isn't that a huge waste of paper and trees? For those penny-pinchers out there (ME!)- isn't that a waste of money? And for the rest of you- don't you just end up throwing both envelopes away?

I just couldn't bring myself to have an inner and outer envelope. Call me a tradition-breaker, informal-piece-of-crap, or the most ridiculous person you've ever met. I didn't do it. Instead I addressed the outer envelope as formally as possible and then attempted to emboss the back flap to "seal" it. Well because I had a bow on my invitations, it made the back flap not want to lay flat. Thus creating a crafting-disaster. So much for wanting them to look great. I got "rave reviews" on the embossing and the look of the envelope, but I wasn't too happy with them. Once I got done doing 90 envelopes, however, I was over it. I really could have cared less what people thought once they opened the envelope. Just come to my wedding dangit. If I could have sent an e-mail invitation, or created a facebook event, I would have.

Those invitations were super annoying.


  1. I like the inner envelope. It lets people know if their kids are invited or not which is important to brides that want an "adults only" affair! Plus, with the postal service being a little rough... the invitation has extra protection from being messed up before it arrives. My pet peeve with invitations are 1)Brides still putting the pieces of tissue paper inside and 2)Not putting a stamp on the RSVP card.

    -Mrs. K

  2. Already told you this in person but I recycled mine. Just wanted to leave you some bloggy love.