Sunday, November 29, 2009

Invitations- WR

I wanted to do a lot of DIY-stuff for our wedding. I read how much wedding invitations would cost, and then found a simple template on how to do it myself and save a TON of money. I was sold.

Card stock is sold pretty cheap and I made a few trips to Michael's and AC Moore to get the paper. I wish I had kept track of how much paper I bought, how many invitations it made, and how many times I messed up, but I didn't. I do know, however, that I saved a ton of money by doing it myself. There were quite a few headaches along the way- such as running out of ink, running out of paper, running out of ribbon, etc etc. Living in the boondocks and not having these stores just down the street from us made a lot of things about wedding planning quite annoying! I also got a phone call that said "Oh, I forgot to add about 15 people to the guest list. Can you send the following people invitations?" Yes, this was after the invitations had been made, and after I had run out of all supplies. Grrrr. Oh the joys of making everyone in the family happy!

I was pleased with the way the invitations came out. They were bright and vibrant, just the way I wanted them. I purchased matching RSVP envelopes to stick in, along with an RSVP card that I DIYed. The whole thing turned out pretty well. I took a deep breath and threw them into the nearest blue mailbox. I was terrified. Terrified that the stamps weren't enough and they'd send all of the envelopes back with a huge stamp across them. I had to take the invitations to two different post offices because they were "right on the line" of needing another stamp. I was told that each post office's scale might be calibrated differently. Grrr. They got mailed out, perfectly. Everyone was excited to get them.

And then I had a huge problem.

The woman in charge of our wedding venue (which I'll eventually dive into at some point- as you may be able to tell- I had a multitude of prob ems with them!), she told me that she gave me the wrong address for the wedding venue. And laughed. So of course I freak out. The address she gave me was about a mile off. Not too bad, but anyone following a GPS or even a map would be lost. This place wasn't off the beaten path, but it doesn't really jump out at you either.

After several furious phone calls to my mom and sister (my backbones through this whole planning process!) we finally figured out a plan. I would have to mail out "address correction" notifications to everyone. I got more envelopes from Swoozies and made new cards that matched the original invitation. It worded something like this "Dear Friends and Family, Due to C.H. being a new venue, the original address given was incorrect. The correct address is ___. We look forward to celebrating our big day with you!" Blah blah blah. How embarrassing. Oh wait, and did I even mention the fact that because of this lady's mess-up, it cost me a ton more time and energy? More card stock, more envelopes, more stamps??? I tried to tell as many of my close friends as possible to save me back-breaking work. It was things like this, that made me hate wedding-planning. And of course, hate my venue. (More on that later!)

I had some douche bag come up to me at the wedding and tell me that I should have given him a better address because he couldn't find the place. Get out of my face douchebag.

He later decided to tell me that the music I was playing was inappropriate because it was talking about smoking marijuana and drinking moonshine. And I was line-dancing to it. He was appalled. Please douchebag, you were born in the Seventies, I'm sure you did this stuff. And all I'm doing is dancing. "Copperhead Road" was my one requested song. I love it. Love. it. And he ruined it. Needless to say, he wasn't a close friend or family member, he was a guest of a friend. I wish I could remember what I came back with, but I promptly turned around and left him standing there. Oh, and the DJ played it for me again! Douchebag. Tried to ruin my wedding!

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